Tourist Places to Visit in Den Helder, Netherlands, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Den Helder, Netherlands, Europe

Den Helder is a city belonging to the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. It is in the extreme north of the country housing the major naval base the Netherlands. To the north of Den Helder, the Texel Island is located, connected by the ferryboat service of the Royal TESO.


Geography of Den Helder:

Den Helder is spread over an area of 178.83 sq. km, located about 85 km north of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Den Helder coordinates with 52°57′30″ N latitude and 4°46′00″ E longitude.


History of Den Helder:

Den Helder was originally called Helledore which means “Hell’s Gate”. Den Helder contributed notably during the Dutch Golden Age in Dutch shipping. There is Europe’s tallest cast-iron lighthouse (63.45 meters), called Lange Jaap, erected in 1877.


Connectivity to Den Helder:

There is no international airport in Den Helder, so the closest international airport to Den Helder is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which is situated about 85 km south of Den Helder.

For airport travel, one can take taxi or rental cars for comfort journey, and Den Helder also can be reached by train or bus from the airport. There are every half an hour trains departing Den Helder to Amsterdam.

The major roads connect Den Helder to its neighboring cities and towns include N502, N9, N250 and N99.


Culture and Food in Den Helder:

Den Helder is the birth place many renowned international figures including artists and sports men namely Anton Pieck, Edward W. Bok, Swen Nater and Gré Brouwenstijn.

List of the fine food corners with international menu in Den Helder are as follows:

  • Flow Stadscafe
  • De Oude Gast
  • Nog Al Wiedus
  • Bombay Palace


Things to do in Den Helder:

  • See More City Tours
  • Boat riding
  • Shopping


Places to see in Den Helder:

Lange Jaap:

Measuring a height of 63.45 meters, the Lange Jaap is one of the tallest traditional lighthouse in the globe and the second tallest in the Netherlands, after Maasvlakte Light. It was built in 1877.

Fort Kijkduin:

Constructed in the year 1811, the Fort Kijkduin is the historical landmark of Den Helder. The Lange Jaap is situated in the vicinity of this fort. Fort Kijkduin is still good in condition.


National Lifeboat Museum Dorus Rijkers:

Founded in 1982, the National Lifeboat Museum Dorus Rijkers showcases the maritime history of the Netherlands with the models and paintings of the boats.


Other places of interest in and around Den Helder include:

  • Marinemuseum
  • Oude Rijkswerf Willemsoord
  • Käthe Kruse Poppen
  • Oranjerie De Groene Parel
  • Kunst & Natuur project De Nollen
  • Marinedagen of the Koninklijke Marine
  • Cathedral of Sint Bavo
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • The Resistance Museum
  • Het Scheepvaartmuseum National Maritime Museum
  • Molen De Adriaan Museum
  • Jewish Historical Museum
  • Portuguese Synagogue
  • Science Center NEMO
  • The Stedelijk Museum


Best time to visit Den Helder:

The summer months will be ideal to trip Den Holder for beach exploration and sightseeing.


Accommodation Options in and around Den Helder:

Den Helder is a pleasant city housing several upgraded accommodation centres with tourist favor facilities and services. Visitors can also refer neighboring cities of Den Helder for more facilitated hotels. The prominent hotels in Den Helder are listed below:

  • Forest Hotel
  • Hotel Den Helder
  • Hotel Lands End
  • Wienerhof Hotel
  • Bar Hotel Cape Horn
  • Hotel Den Helder
  • Onder de Pannen
  • Grand Hotel Beatrix
  • Hotel op Diek
  • Culinaire Verwennerij Bij Jef Restaurant & Hotel
  • Landal Beach Ooghduyn
  • Loodsman’s Welvaren
  • Bosch Duin Strand

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