Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Terneuzen, Netherlands, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Terneuzen, Netherlands, Europe

Terneuzen is a city as well as municipality located in the province of Zeeland in the southwestern Netherlands, around 35 km southeast of the provincial capital, Middelburg and 210 km southwest of national capital, Amsterdam. Terneuzen gained city rights in the year 1584.

Terneuzen is home to the 3rd largest port of the Netherlands, behind Rotterdam and Amsterdam ports and it also holds a plant of Dow Chemical Company which is the largest plant of the company outside USA.


Geography of Terneuzen:

Terneuzen is geographically positioned between 51°20′ N latitude and 3°50′ E longitude, spanning over an area of 317.78 sq. km of which 251.44 is covered by water. The surrounded municipalities of Terneuzen are Hulst, Sluis, Borsele and Zelzate.


Connectivity to Terneuzen:

There is no airport in Terneuzen, so the nearest airport to Terneuzen is Rotterdam The Hague Airport, located around 150 km away from the middle point of Terneuzen.

Terneuzen is situated around 200 km away from the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which is the main airport of the Netherlands covering all the major cities of Asian, American and European cities.

Railway connection to Terneuzen from the rest of the Netherlands is not good but it can be reached by motor vehicles.


Culture and Food in Terneuzen:

Terneuzen is the home town of novelist, Jacques Hamelink, composer Klaas de Vries, and film director Erik de Bruyn.

To taste different traditional and international delicacies, visitors can visit any of the following restaurants of Terneuzen:

  • Auberge des Moules
  • Restaurant Rosaura & Clementine’s Lounge-Bar
  • Grieks restaurant Delphi
  • Sydney Greet&Eat
  • Lekker la Vie


Things to do in Terneuzen:

  • Boat riding
  • Walking
  • Shopping


Places to see in Terneuzen:

Port of Terneuzen:

After the port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the port of Terneuzen is Netherlands’ 3rd largest port. During evening time is best to visit the port of Terneuzen.


City Hall:

The City Hall of Terneuzen is one of the main landmarks and tourist attractions of the city. The construction of building looks unique and visitors can bring camera to take some classy pictures of this typical structure.



Middelburg is a city situated around 35 km away from Terneuzen holding many natural as well as manmade tourist attractions like parks, museums and big trees. Visitors can use rental cars or bikes to reach Middelburg from Terneuzen.


Other places of interests in and around Terneuzen are as follows:

  • The old city hall of Middelburg
  • The Zeeuws Museum
  • SBKM De Vleeshal
  • Filmtheater Schuttershof
  • Concertzaal Zeeland
  • Centrum Beeldende Kunst
  • Zeeuwse Bibliotheek
  • Miniature Walcheren
  • Iguana Reptile Zoo
  • Het Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe
  • Berkenhof’s Tropical Zoo
  • Juust Wa’k Wou
  • Museum De Schotse Huizen
  • Abbey Tower of Long John
  • Nature Reserve de Manteling


Best time to visit Terneuzen:

Terneuzen can be visited throughout the year, especially between April and October is ideal to visit Terneuzen.


Accommodation Options in Terneuzen:

Terneuzen is a scenic town housing a less number of modernized accommodation centres, on this point, visitors can refer hotels of Middleburg or any other surrounding cities for healthy staying experiences. Although, Terneuzen hosts many vacation rentals with all the basic facilities. List of best hotels in and around Terneuzen include:

  • Hampshire Hotel – Churchill Terneuzen
  • Golden Tulip L’Escaut
  • Hotel Triniteit
  • Hampshire Hotel
  • Hotel Triniteit
  • Tollenique
  • Het Portaal van Vlaanderen
  • Het Bolle Schaep
  • Hotel Restaurant Royal Sas van Gent
  • Hotel Cafe Restaurant Dallinga
  • Hotel Royal Zelzate
  • Hotel-Restaurant Den Hof
  • Hotel Hulst
  • Hotel Au Port
  • Het Bolle Schaep

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