Opatija Tourist Places to Visit in Opatija, Croatia, Europe

Opatija Tourist Places to Visit in Opatija, Croatia, Europe

Opatija is placed in the western part of the Croatia country in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County on the coast of Adriatic. Ucka Mountain in the Gulf of Kvarner is renowned for summer and winter resort visited by thousands of the tourists throughout the year. Opatija economy is mainly based on tourism and fishing industries and bounded by Rukavac, Ika, Lovran, Kastav, Rijeka, Marinici, Viskovo and Jusici towns. Opatija is situated at the distance of 110 kilometers from Zagreb, capital of Croatia and coordinates are 45.3333° N, 14.3000° E.


History of Opatija:

Opatija was inhabited by Illyrian people before the establishment of Roman colonies in the town who constructed villas and buildings in the town. In the year 1872, railway line was established to the town which opened the path for the tourism industry in the town due to the tourism growth in the town, Friedrich Julius Schüler in the year 1882, built the villas and hotels and the town was visited by several personalities from all over the Europe during the 16th to 20th centuries and more modern buildings and developments work started in the town gradually. Italy captured the town in the year 1920 and in 1947 the town came under the hands of Yugoslavia and later became the part of Croatia country.


Tourism Attractions in Opatija:

Trsat Castle:

Trsat Castle is positioned on the top of the hill at 138 meters above the sea level at the distance of around 13 kilometers from Opatija town in Rijeka city is the conceit of the city is one of the oldest castle constructed on the Croatian Coast, surrounded by shops and cafes.


Abbey of Saint James:

Abbey of Saint James is the oldest abbey situated in the town constructed in the 14th century and the abbey is known for its architectural design which attracts the tourists visiting the town.


Villa Angiolina:

Villa Angiolina is situated less than 2 kilometers from center of the town was constructed in the year 1844 by Iginio Scarpa at present the villa is converted to museum in the year 1844 and has the artifacts of ancient times.


Angiolina Town Park:

Angiolina Town Park is one of the prominent parks in the town has a collection of plant species from all over the world and it is a protected park since 1968.


Other Places to Visit in and around Opatija:

  • Saint James’s Church
  • Romanesque Church
  • Church of the Assumption of our Lady
  • Molo Longo
  • The Old Gateway or Roman Arch
  • Maritime and Historical Museum
  • Rijeka City Museum


Climate in Opatija:

Best time to visit Opatija is throughout the year and the town faces humid subtropical climate with warm summer and mild winter with humid subtropical climate.


Connectivity to Opatija:

By Air:

Opatija is situated at the distance of 43 Kilometers from Rijeka Airport caters direct flights to Heathrow, Frankfurt, Riga, Berlin-Tegel, Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart, Vilnius, and few other cities in Europe.


By Sea:

Rijeka Harbor is one of the renowned harbors in the country handles large cruise ships and operates commercial and passenger services in the country and to neighboring countries, is situated 12.5 kilometers from Opatija town.


By Road:

Opatija is well-linked through national and European highways and bus terminal is located in the middle of the town caters buses to nearby cities and towns and to Zagreb city and railway station is situated at the distance of 5 kilometers from the town.


Accommodation in Opatija:

Opatija is historical city surrounded by lush greenery and visited by tourists from all over the Europe throughout the year due to pleasant climate and tourists can find ancient as well as modern accommodation facilities in the town with all the modern amenities and hospitalities and hotels in Opatija may cost from $ 20 to $ 250 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Opatija are as follows:

  • Hotel Mozart
  • Remisens Premium Hotel Ambasador
  • Hotel Milenij
  • Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta
  • Grand Hotel Adriatic
  • Hotel Bevanda
  • Villa Antonio
  • Hotel Villa Kapetanovic
  • Apartments Marid
  • Apartments Villa Nola
  • Villa Dalia
  • Apartments Liburnija
  • Guest House Ida

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