Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rovinj, Croatia, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rovinj, Croatia, Europe

Rovinj is located on the north Adriatic Sea on the coast of Istrian peninsula in Croatia country is a renowned tourist destination in the country. The economy of the Rovinj is fully based on tourism industry and during summer season from May to September all the bars, restaurants and art galleries work for long hours in the town. Rovinj town covers an area of 34 square miles (88 square kilometers) and bounded by Vrsar, Funtana, Porec, Peroj, Bale, Kanfanar and Fazana towns and positioned at the distance of 250 kilometers from Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Coordinates of Rovinj are 45.0833° N, 13.6333° E.


History of Rovinj:

Rovinj was inhabited by Illyrian tribes before the establishment of Romans in the vicinity and later became the part of Byzantine Empire, Exarchate of Ravenna, Frankish Empire and later acquired by Patriarchate of Aquileia in 1209.

Rovinj was the significant town in Istria governed by the Republic of Venice from 1283 to 1797 and during the rule various developments like church, walls and forts were constructed in the town. In 1797, after the fall of Venice rule, the town as acquired by Napoleonic and later by Austrian Empire until the First World War. From the years 1918 to 1947, the town came under the rule of Kingdom of Italy.


To see in Rovinj:

Saint Euphemia Cathedral:

Saint Euphemia Cathedral is the arrogance of the town constructed in the 18th century is the largest Baroque building in Istria and Venetian Bell tower of the church is situated at the height of 200 feet, locally known as Katedrala Sveti Eufenija.


Rovinj Aquarium:

Rovinj Aquarium is placed in the heart of the town is a 100 year old organization situated in Ruder Boskovic Institute Center for Maritime Research and has a collections of local marine life and fauna from Adriatic Seabed.


Church of the Holy Trinity:

Church of the Holy Trinity is a historical church constructed in the 13th century situated in Carera Street is one of the impressive churches in the town with an art gallery.


Brijuni Islands:

Brijuni Islands is renowned as Brijuni National Park positioned at the distance of 30 kilometers from middle of the city surrounded by gardens, parks and museums and covers around 2,700 acres and consists of 14 large and small islands.


Other Places to Visit in Rovinj:

  • Rovinj Heritage Museum
  • Monkodonja
  • Zlatni Rt Forest Park
  • Limska Draga Fjord
  • Rovinj Town Museum


Climate in Rovinj:

Weather in Rovinj is pleasant and mild throughout the year and faces humid subtropical climate with mild summer and rainy and cool winter and best time to visit Rovinj is from June to October.


Connectivity to Rovinj:

By Air:

Pula Airport is the nearest airport to Rovinj found at the distance of 40 kilometers in Valtura town is one of the main airports in west Croatia caters with both domestic and international destination flights to Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds-Bradford, Belfast, Manchester and East Midlands Airports.


By Train:

Rovinj is surrounded by forest region and the accessible railway station to Rovinj is Pula railway station situated at the distance of 38 kilometers and railway line is operated by Croatia government with regular train services to other cities in the country.


By Road:

Buses are available from Pula bus terminal to Rovinj town regularly, is one of the best ways to reach the town and tourists can get around the town by bicycle.


By Sea:

Rovinj has some of the best ferry services and Rovinj port receives regular ferries from Venice, Istrian, Rijeka and Pula cities.


Accommodation in Rovinj:

Rovinj is an important tourism destinations in the Istrian county visited by thousands of tourists during the summer season and the town is surrounded by budget and luxurious hotels offering world class amenities and hospitality to the tourists visiting from all over the world and rooms cost from $ 20 to $ 300 and above per day. Some of the prominent hotels in Rovinj are listed here below:

  • Hotel Istra
  • Hotel Lone
  • Casa Garzotto Hotel Rovinj
  • Casa Alice
  • Villa Tuttorotto
  • Villa Armin
  • Rooms Residence Dream
  • Hotel Vila Lili Rovinj
  • Pansion Petra
  • Monte Mulini
  • Hotel Arupinum
  • Villa Valdibora

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