Best Tourist Places to Visit in Porec, Croatia, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Porec, Croatia, Europe

Porec is placed on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula in Istria County in Croatia. Porec covers an area of 139 square kilometers (54 square miles) and situated at an elevation of 95 feet (29 meters) above the sea level is one of the significant historical towns in the country. Porec economy is fast developing in trade, finance, communication and food processing industries but primary source of the income is tourism industry.

Porec is surrounded by Novigrad, Vabriga, Visnjan, Baderna, Funtana, Vrsar, Rovinj and Brtonigla towns and Zagreb, capital of Porec is situated at the distance of 250 kilometers from Porec and coordinates are 45.2167° N, 13.5833° E.


History of Porec:

According to the historians, Porec town was settled from 2nd century BC and Roman constructed the Castrum in the town. Porec officially became the city in 1st century during the rule of Augustus King and with the fall of Roman power in the town and town was captured and ruled by various kingdoms like Byzantine Empire, Franks, Patriarchate of Aquileia and Republic of Venice. Republic of Venice was the most powerful and lasted for more than five centuries and during the rule they constructed various palaces, squares, and religious buildings in the town but in the year 1354, the city was demolished by Genoese. After the fall of Venetian Republic in the year 1797 the Porec region was ruled by Habsburg Monarchy, Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, Illyrian Provinces and Austrian Empire.

What to see in Porec?

Euphrasius Basilica:

Euphrasius Basilica placed at the middle of the town is a Episcopal building next to the bell tower and a baptistery and a sacristy are one of  the most excellent illustrations of premature Byzantine art in Porec and the monument is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Pentagonal Tower:

Pentagonal Tower is positioned at the distance of 1 kilometer from the town was constructed in the year 1447 by Niccolo Lion to defend the town from the enemy attacks and visited by number of tourists from top of the tower one can view the stunning views of surrounding area and sea.


Romanesque House:

Romanesque House is a historical house constructed during the 13th century and main attraction of the house is wooden balcony which is beautifully crafted and must visit place while in Porec.


Places to see in and around Porec:

  • Baredine Cave (Jama-grotta Baredine)
  • Porec Heritage
  • Rovinj Aquarium
  • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Saint Euphemia Cathedral
  • Sergej Masera
  • Miramare Castle
  • Port of Rovinj


Climate in Porec:

Porec experiences humid subtropical climate with mild and breezy summer from May to October and cool winter from November to April and best time to visit Porec is from May to October.


Reaching Porec:

By Air:

Pula Airport is the nearest airport to Porec town situated at the distance of 60 kilometers in Pula town handles domestic and international flights to cities like Basel-Mulhouse, Lyon, Nantes, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Kiev-Zhuliany, Oslo-Gardermoen, Stockholm-Arlanda and many other European cities.


By Road:

Porec is connected through highways and European Highway E751 passes near the town connecting to major parts of the country and Porec is one of the major towns in the province operates regular bus services from the town to major cities in the country.


By Sea:

Porec has direct ferry services to Italy ports and connected to other parts of the country through regular ferry services, is the best mode of transportation in the country.


Accommodation in Porec:

Porec is positioned at the shore of the Mediterranean Ocean and home to few well-known hotels in the country provides stylish accommodation amenities to the travelers with first-class facilities, modified services and features sole guest rooms with plantation shutters with facilities like free Wi-Fi, design rooms, newspapers, 24-hour front desk, children’s playground, massage and many more exciting facilities. Some of the hotels in Porec are listed below:

  • Valamar Diamant Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Palazzo
  • Villa Castello Rausch
  • Villas Nika & Petra
  • Apartments Partizanska
  • Monte Mulini
  • Hotel Porec
  • Guesthouse Casa Nova
  • Apartments Villa Alba
  • Guest House Darrer
  • Apartments Villa Concept
  • Apartments Vanessa
  • Villa Filip & Tara

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