Places to Visit in Majorca, Spain, Europe

Places to Visit in Majorca, Spain, Europe

Majorca is also called as Mallorca is an Island in Balearic Islands in Spain surrounded by Mediterranean Sea. Majorca is the trendy holiday attraction and millions of tourists visit the island from different parts of the Europe and popular for historic monuments, castle, beaches and natural attractions. Majorca covers an area of 3,640.11 square kilometers (1,405.454 square miles) at the highest altitude of 1,445 meters (4,741 feet) above the sea level and the economy depends on tourism industry. Coordinates of Majorca are 39.5667° N, 2.6500° E.


History of Majorca:

Majorca is one of the oldest settlements in the Spain and was inhabited from Paleolithic period and Romans ruled the island for several years. The island was captured by Byzantine Empire in 534 and they established in the Christianity and constructed the churches in the island and in 902, Issam al-Hawlaní captured the island. During the Medieval period the island was ruled by James I of Aragon and during these periods many castle and buildings were constructed. During 20th century Palma was made the capital of the island.


Tourism in Majorca:

Magaluf Beach:

Magaluf Beach is one of the renowned beaches in the island located in Megaluf city and it is a long beach with fine sand and crystal clear water and surrounded by renowned hotels, resorts and restaurants for the conveniences to travelers.


Bellver Castle:

Bellver Castle is one of the most attractive and visited castle in Majorca Island located in Palma de Mallorca and the castle was constructed in the 14th century by Pere Salva for James II King of Majorca in circular form.


Serra de Tramuntana:

Serra de Tramuntana is a chain of mountains and from the backbone of the Spanish island of Majorca and recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the region of enormous physical and Cultural significance.


La Granja:

La Granja is the 18th century estate in the mountain and the estate is situated in Serra de Tramuntana city and the estate is known for its striking collection of artifacts and the history of the region.


Interesting places to visit in Majorca:

  • Castillo de bellver
  • Reco De Sarena
  • Es Carbo Beach
  • Son Serra De Marina Beach
  • Cala Figuera Beach
  • Cala Sant Vicenc
  • Cala Murta Beach
  • Port De Valldemosa
  • Cala Fornells
  • Port De Soller
  • Torrent De Pareis
  • Cala Estremer
  • Cala Es Marmols
  • Santa Ponsa


Best time to visit Majorca:

Majorca is served by Mediterranean climate with hot summer from June to September and mild winters from November to March and best time to visit Majorca is from June to September.


How to reach Majorca?

By Air:

Palma de Mallorca Airport is the main airport in the Majorca Island located in Palma de Mallorca city and has frequent flights to and from many European cities is one of the busiest airports in Spain.


By Sea:

Palma de Mallorca Port is the main port in the island and ferry services are available from numerous ports in Spain and other neighboring islands and country.


Getting Around the Majorca:

Buses, cars and taxis are the main form of transportation to get around the town and buses will operate to the major locations in the island, is best way to get around the island.


Hotels in Majorca:

Majorca is one of the popular islands in the Spain visited by millions of tourists around the world throughout the year and there are plenty of accommodation conveniences in the island range from 1 star to 5 star with all the modern amenities and hospitalities and cost from $ 30 to $ 500 and above per day. List of hotels in Majorca are as follows:

  • Hotel AMIC Gala
  • Petit Hotel Ca´s Comte
  • Hostel Colon
  • Hotel León de Sineu
  • Hotel Monnaber Nou
  • Hotel Saratoga
  • Hotel Son Sant Jordi
  • Hotel Hispania
  • Hotel Cala Fornells
  • Hostal Colonial
  • Hotel Bahia de Alcudia
  • Hotel Son Baulo
  • Es Bauló Petit Hotel

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