Places to Visit in Mykolaiv (Nikolaev), Ukraine, Europe

Places to Visit in Mykolaiv (Nikolaev), Ukraine, Europe

Mykolaiv or Nikolayev or Nikolaev is the capital city of the Mykolaiv Oblast (province) in southern Ukraine covering an area of 260 sq. km. Mykolaiv is the site of many nature reserves, parks, botanical gardens and a zoo. The economy of Mykolaiv is based on shipbuilding works, followed by mechanical engineering and power engineering industries.


Geography of Mykolaiv:

Mykolaiv is geographically positioned between 46°58′0″ N latitude and 32°00′0″ E longitude, about 480 km south-southeast of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It spans over an area of 260 sq. km.


History of Mykolaiv:

Prince Grigory Potemkin, who was the Russian Governor General of Novorossiya, the founder of Mykolaiv, founded in 1789 as a as a shipyard. The Russian Orthodox Church in Mykolaiv is one of the important historical landmarks of the city.


Connectivity to Mykolaiv:

Mykolaiv has an airport with daily flights to Moscow in Russia, weekly 2 flights to Istanbul in Turkey and weekly 3 flights to Kiev in Ukraine and the airport is situated around 20 km away from the city centre.

One of the major airports of Ukraine, Odessa International Airport is situated about 140 km from Mykolaiv.

Mykolaiv is connected by train to Moscow, Kiev, Odesa, Crimea and many other domestic and international destinations.  Mykolaiv also has an upgraded bus network.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Mykolaiv:

There are more than 3 museums in Mykolaiv filed by well preserved historical objects and art works. Mykolaiv also houses many grand festivities.

Handicraft products and cotton clothes are purchasable in Mykolaiv. The major restaurants in Mykolaiv are as follows:

  • De Gusto
  • Schultz Restaurant and Brewery
  • Astoria Restaurant
  • Veranda Restaurant


Things to do in Mykolaiv:

  • Visiting water parks, museums and churches
  • Strolling
  • Shopping


Tourist Attractions in Mykolaiv:

Nikolaev Regional Art Museum of Vereshchagin:

The Nikolaev Regional Art Museum of Vereshchagin is open for visitors 9:00-17:00 on all days of the week except Monday and Friday. The museum holds around 9000 artworks of different renowned artists including painter V. Vereshchagin and is situated on Bolshaya Morskaya Street.


Nikolaev Zoo:

Situated in Leontovich Square, the Nikolaev Zoo is home to about 5690 different animals, established in the year 1901. It is one of the best zoos in Europe featuring typical Grandfather’s hut, a special house for domestic animals.


Catholic Church of St. Joseph:

The Catholic Church of St. Joseph is located on Decembrists Street, open from 8:30 – 17:30. It was closed several times in its history for internal reasons but it is currently in operation.


List of other places of interest in and around Mykolaiv includes:

  • Nikolaev Observatory
  • Staroflotskie Barracks Museum
  • Aquarius Water Park
  • Cathedral of the Image of the Casper Blessed Virgin Mary
  • The Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet
  • Dikiy Sad Ancient Settlement
  • Water Park Vodoley
  • Local History Museum
  • Museum of the Strategic Rocket Forces
  • Officers’ Club
  • The Admiralty
  • Shukhov Tower
  • Nikolaev Yacht Club
  • Naval Boulevard
  • Children’s Town “Fairy Tale”
  • Public Garden of Pushkin
  • Monument of St. Nicholas


Best time to visit Mykolaiv:

Mykolaiv features a moderate continental climate with hot summers and mild winters with an average annual temperature of 10 °C and precipitation of 472 millimeters. The ideal time to trip Mykolaiv is from June to October.


Accommodation options in Mykolaiv:

Visitors who have to stay longer period in Mykolaiv, can choose apartment at a cost between $100-400/month. Mykolaiv also houses numerous standard year round working hotels. The main hotels in Mykolaiv are as follows:

  • Hotel Restaurant Nikolaev
  • Hotel Alexandrovsky
  • Hotel Continent
  • Hotel Metallurg
  • Tourist Hotel Mykolaiv
  • Reikartz River Nikolaev
  • Korall Hotel
  • Reikartz River Mykolaiv
  • Hotel Palace Ukraine
  • Admiral Greig Hotel
  • Nikotel Hotel
  • Hotel Mlyn
  • Hotel Kolos
  • Uyutniy Hostel
  • Hotel Palace Ukraine
  • Reikartz River Mykolaiv

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