Best Tourist Places to Visit in Komsomolsk, Ukraine, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Komsomolsk, Ukraine, Europe

Komsomolsk is a mining city situated on the left bank of the River Dnieper in Poltava Oblast of Ukraine covering an area of 33,712 sq. km. Due to the presence of the mining company, named Poltava Mining and Extraction Combinat, Komsomolsk has a rich economy and also ranks higher in quality of living in country.


Geography of Komsomolsk:

Komsomolsk is geographically positioned between 49°01′ N latitude and 33°40′ E longitude, around 110 km southwest of the regional capital, Poltava and 310 km southeast of the national capital, Kiev.


History of Komsomolsk:

Komsomolsk is a planned city, established in 1960 as a residential area for employers of the Poltava Mining and Extraction Combinat, Ukraine’s major iron ore-mining company.


How to reach Komsomolsk?

There is no public airport in and around Komsomolsk. The nearest airport to Komsomolsk is Kryvyi Rih International Airport, located around 175 km away. This airport operates flights from and to Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv, Anakena, Zagreb, Moscow, Istanbul and many other domestic and international destinations.

Dnipropetrovsk International Airport is situated around 190 km northwest of Komsomolsk city.

To move within the Komsomolsk city, rental vehicles are gettable from nearby ravel agencies and it is better to book vehicles prior to reaching site through online.


Food and Shopping in Komsomolsk:

There are upgraded shops and food corners limited in Komsomolsk, on this point, visitors can drive towards Poltava city, which is around 110 km away from Komsomolsk, housing many reputed shopping centres and restaurants as well as several historical churches and war memorials.


Things to do in Komsomolsk:

  • Strolling
  • Day tours
  • Shopping


Tourist Attractions in Komsomolsk:

Poltava Battle History Museum:

Located in Poltava city, around 110 km from Komsomolsk, the Poltava Battle History Museum is centered on the Battle of Poltava, fought between the Russian Empire and the Swedish Empire in the year 1709.


Poltava Cathedral:

The Poltava Cathedral is one of the famous cathedrals in Poltava Oblast, devoted to the Exaltation of the Cross. This five-domed cathedral was constructed between 1699 and 1709 in the Cossack Baroque style of architecture.


Dormition of the Theotokos Church:

The Dormition of the Theotokos Church is in Poltava city, around 110 km away from the Komsomolsk city. It was once damaged in the year 1934 and reconstructed in 1990 with upgraded features. This church features the Baroque architectural style.


List of other places of interest in Komsomolsk and Poltava includes:

  • Poltava Dumplings Monument
  • Poltava Regional Museum
  • The White Arbor
  • Shevchenko Monument by Kavaleridz
  • The Holy Cross Exaltation Monastery
  • Uspenska Church
  • George Chapel
  • Soldiers Glory Memorial Complex
  • Poltava Philharmonic House
  • Former Peasants Bank
  • Poltava Oblast House of Culture
  • Strategic Aviation Museum
  • Nicolas Church
  • Kolos Cinema
  • Poltava Observatory
  • Poltava Puppet Theatre
  • Makarius Cathedral

Ideal time to visit Komsomolsk:

Komsomolsk can be visited throughout the year, especially the summer months are ideal to trip Komsomolsk in Ukraine.


Accommodation options in Komsomolsk:

Being a mining city Komsomolsk houses few tourist favor accommodation centres, so it is advised for tourists to reach Poltava city to enjoy better hospitality services with amazing facilities and services. There are buses generally available to travel Poltava and one can use rental cars for comfort journey. Some nice hotels in Komsomolsk and Poltava include:

  • Gallery Hotel
  • Hotel Complex Evropeiskiy
  • Palazzo Hotel
  • Kaspiy Premium Hotel
  • Hotel Kiev Poltava
  • Hotel Mirgorod
  • Poltava Motel
  • Hotel Yavir Zamok Motel
  • U Lukomoria Hotel
  • Jolki-Palki Hotel
  • Sinay Hotel
  • Hotel Gold
  • Mini Hotel Eurolux
  • Helicopter Hotel
  • Myrhorod Santorium
  • Lenivaya Vera

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