Poltava Tourist Places to Visit in Poltava, Ukraine, Europe

Poltava Tourist Places to Visit in Poltava, Ukraine, Europe

Poltava is one of the major cities of Ukraine situated on the Vorskla River covering an area of 103 sq. km.  It is the seat of both Poltava Oblast and Poltava Raion, housing a population around 296,760 as of recent census.


Geography of Poltava:

Poltava is geographically positioned between 49°35′22″ N latitude and 34°33′05″ E longitude, around 340 km southeast of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.


History of Poltava:

The origin of the city of Poltava is uncertain and the name of it has a link with its settlement, called Ltava. Poltava is well known for the Battle of Poltava, which was fought between the Swedish Empire and the Russian Empire on June 27, 1709.


Connectivity to Poltava:

Poltava has no working public airport, so the international tourists needed to reach Dnipropetrovsk International Airport first and then take train or bus from there to Poltava. This airport is located around 200 km from the centre of Poltava city with scheduled flights to Moscow, Kiev, Istanbul, Dubai, Vienna and many other important European and Asian cities.

Poltava hosts two railway stations, Poltava-Kyivs’ka and Poltava-Pivdenna and is connected to Kyiv and Kharkiv through both roadway and railway.

To move within Poltava city, visitors can choose public buses or rental vehicles.


Food and Shopping in Poltava:

Shops are abundant in Poltava ranging from daily usable item stores to electrical and electronic product showrooms.

The reputed food corners in Poltava include:

  • Shade Meat & Wine Cafe
  • Augustin Brewery Restaurant
  • MoXito PreParty Cafe
  • Auto-Grill Myslyvets Poltava


Things to do in Poltava:

  • Visiting churches and museums
  • Walking
  • Shopping


Tourist Attractions in Poltava:

Poltava Battle History Museum:

The Poltava Battle History Museum is concentrated on the Battle of Poltava, located around 5 km away from the heart of the city. This historical war fought between the Swedish Empire and the Russian Empire on June 27, 1709, which resulted in the end of the Swedish Empire. Except Monday, this museum is open for visitors on all day of the week.


Literary Memorial Museum of Panas Myrny:

The Literary Memorial Museum of Panas Myrny is housed in the residence of the renowned Ukrainian writer, Panas Myrny or Panas Rudchenko and the museum displays his works and achievements.


Memorial of Marusya Churay:

The Memorial of Marusya Churay is the monument of legendary song writer and singer, Marusya Churay. The monument looks impressive, so visitors can bring camera to take some classy pictures.


List of other places of interest in and around Poltava includes:

  • Literary Memorial Museum of I. P. Kotlyarevsky
  • Long Range Aviation Museum
  • Botanical garden of Poltava V. G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University
  • Literary Memorial Museum of V. G. Korolenk
  • Monument to M. V. Gogol
  • of Poltava region Department of Internal Affairs
  • Memorial of Poltavska Galushka
  • Monument to A. I. Zygin
  • Memorial complex of Soldier Glory
  • House of I. P. Kotlyarevsky
  • Poltava Battle History Museum
  • Church of the Saviour
  • Khrestovozdvizhensky monastery
  • Monument to Swedes from Russians
  • Dormition Cathedral


Ideal time to visit Poltava

During the months between May and October is best to travel Poltava in Ukraine while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation options in and around Poltava:

Apart from luxury hotels, Poltava hosts many budget travelers’ favorite hostels and hotels with all basic facilities and services of which most hotels offer advance booking facility through online for visitors’ convenience. Here are the major hotels in Poltava:

  • Poltava Motel
  • U Lukomoria Hotel
  • Mini Hotel Eurolux
  • Hotel Yavir
  • Zamok Motel
  • Sinay Hotel
  • Hotel Mirgorod
  • Hotel Gold
  • Hotel Kiev Poltava
  • Hotel Complex Evropeiskiy
  • Aut Hotel
  • Gallery Hotel
  • Helicopter Hotel
  • Jolki-Palki Hotel
  • Palazzo Hotel
  • Kaspiy Premium Hotel
  • Sapphire Accord Hotel

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