Best Tourist Places to Visit in Ukraine, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Ukraine, Europe

Ukraine is an Eastern European country geographically positioned at 49° N 32° E, covering an area of 603,628 sq. km. Kiev is the capital and largest city, Ukrainian is the official language and Ukrainian hryvnia is the currency of Ukraine.


Geography of Ukraine:

Ukraine shares its borders with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia towards west, Belarus towards northwest, the Russian Federation towards east and northeast, the Black Sea towards south, and in the southwest by Moldova and Romania.


History of Ukraine:

It is believed that, Ukraine derives its name from the old Slavic word ukraina, meaning “border region”. The history of Ukraine dates back to the 9th century when it was originated as a medieval state ‘Kievan Rus’, founded by the Varangians and it existed until the 12th century only. Later in the 14th century, Ukraine became the part of three powerful dynasties, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Kingdom of Poland and the Golden Horde. Following the Partitions of Poland, the Russian Empire, and the Austrian Empire conquered the territories of Ukraine. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991, Ukraine became an independent country.



How to reach Ukraine?

Boryspil International Airport is the largest airport of Ukraine, situated in Boryspil, around 30 km away from the heart of the capital Kiev and operates flights from and to Paris, St Petersburg, Moscow, Riga, Sharjah, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Zurich, Tashkent and other European and Asian destinations.

Ukraine is well connected by train to Vienna, Prague, Belgrade, Budapest, Berlin, Warsaw and Sofia.

For country travel, trains and buses are widely used in Ukraine along with flight services. Rental vehicles are ideal for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Ukraine:

The Eastern Orthodox Christianity people dominate the population of Ukraine and along with Ukrainian, the natives of Ukraine also speak Russian fluently. The Ukrainian culture is also influenced by the Russian culture as it was ruled by them in its history.

Some must try dishes in Ukraine include borscht, varenyky, varenyky, pierogi, Kiev Cake and Chicken Kiev.

Hryvnia is the currency used in Ukraine and in some shopping centres, foreign currencies are also accepted. Credit cards work in all the major shopping malls of the country.


What to see in Ukraine?

Kiev Pechersk Lavra:

The Kiev Pechersk Lavra is a renowned historic Orthodox Christian monastery located in the Pechersk Raion district in Kiev. It is spread over an area of 23,540 km², gained a place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It is a must visit.


Saint Sophia’s Cathedral:

Situated in Shevchenko Raion district in Kiev, the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Ukraine. This splendid architectural monument and museum features the Byzantine and Ukrainian Baroque style of architecture and dates back to the 11th century.


Kiev Zoo:

Covering an area of around 40 hectares, Kiev Zoo is visited by around 280,000 visitors every year. It houses around 2000 animals of 340 species and was open on 21 March 1909.


List of other places of interest in Ukraine includes:

  • Bukovel
  • Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex
  • Pochayiv Lavra
  • Ai-Petri
  • Metalist Oblast Sports Complex
  • Vorontsov Palace
  • Livadia Palace
  • Pinchuk Art Centre
  • Mother Motherland
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden
  • Arena Lviv
  • Sofiyivsky Park
  • Golden Gate
  • Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery
  • Ukraine State Aviation Museum
  • Foros Church


Ideal time to visit Ukraine:

Ukraine features a temperate continental climate and probably the summer months from June to August are best to trip beautiful Ukraine.


Accommodation options in Ukraine:

Being a tourist favor country, Ukraine hosts dozens of upgraded hotels ranging from budget options to star rated hotels with different amenities. Generally mid range hotels in Ukraine charge around €25-50 per night. Here are some reputed hotels in Ukraine (Kiev):

  • Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv
  • Hyatt Regency Kiev
  • 11 Mirrors Design Hotel
  • Cosmopolite Hotel
  • InterContinental Kiev
  • Holiday Inn Kiev
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Sherborne Guest House
  • Natsionalny Hotel
  • Premier Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Staro
  • Sunflower B&B Hotel
  • Boutique Hotel Vozdvyzhensky
  • Bakkara Art-Hotel
  • City Park Hotel

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