Tourist Places to Visit in Sevastopol, Ukraine, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Sevastopol, Ukraine, Europe

Sevastopol is a Ukrainian city with special status, lying on the coast of the Black Sea between 44°36′ N latitude and 33°32′ E longitude. It holds the 2nd largest port of Ukraine following the Port of Odessa and serves as the headquarters of the Ukrainian Naval Forces.


Geography of Sevastopol:

Covering an area of 864 sq. km, Sevastopol is located at an elevation of 100 meters, about 890 km south-southeast of the national capital, Kiev.


History of Sevastopol:

It is believed that, the name of Sevastopol may be a combined form of two Greek nouns,  sevastós and polis. Sevastopol was founded in 1783 by the Empress Catherine II of Russia. Two important historical landmarks of Sevastopol include the Panorama Museum and the St. Vladimir’s Cathedral.


How to reach Sevastopol?

Sevastopol airport has good connection to Dnipropetrovsk, Kiev and Moscow. Sevastopol is situated around 95 km from the Simferopol International Airport which is one of the important airports of Ukraine covering cities like Baku, Istanbul, Riga, Moscow, St Petersburg, Tashkent, Frankfurt and many other global destinations.

Sevastopol can be reached by train from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Donetsk, Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk.

Mini-buses (marshrutka) and city buses are widely used for local travel in Sevastopol. Taxis and rental cars are also available.


Culture and Food in Sevastopol:

Sevastopol is culturally rich city holding many renowned museums like the Panorama of Sevastopol Defense, National Historical and Archaeological Museum and the Museum of the Black Sea Fleet History.

One can find boutiques on Bolshoi Morskoe and the city houses plenty of modernized shops all around.

The reputed food corners in Sevastopol are listed below:

  • Pizza Celentano
  • McDonalds
  • Ostrov Sushi
  • Ukrainiski Shinok


Things to do in Sevastopol:

  • Crimea Walks
  • Crimea Consulting Day Tours
  • Inkerman Winery Private Tours


Places to visit in Sevastopol:


Sevastopol Aquarium:

The Sevastopol Aquarium is Ukraine’s only sea aquarium housing around 180 species of species of animals. It is open for visitors from 9:00-19:00 (summer) and 10:00-17:00 (winter), closed on Mondays. The entrance fee is UAH 50 (adults) and UAH 25 (children).


Museum of the Black Sea Fleet History:

Established in 1869, the Museum of the Black Sea Fleet History showcases the history of the Black Sea Fleet with around 30 thousand exhibits including warships’ models and personal things of captains. It is located on Lenin Street and visitors are allowed from 10:00-17:30 (Wednesday–Sunday).


St. Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese:

Located on Drevnaya Street, the St. Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese is the Crimea’s largest cathedral, was once destroyed during the World War II and reopened in the year 2001. It is a must see.


List of other places of interest in and around Sevastopol includes:

  • Intercession Cathedral
  • Panorama of Sevastopol Defense
  • Sapun Hill
  • Monument to the Sunk Ships
  • Sevastopol Fortress
  • 35th Battery
  • Dolphinarium in Cossack Bay
  • Water Park Zurbagan
  • Dolphinarium in Artillery bay
  • Eco-park Lukomorye
  • The Count’s Quay
  • Sevastopol Museum of Local History
  • Chersonessos National Archeological Reserve
  • Sevastopol Art Museum
  • Naval museum complex “Balaklava”
  • Fraternal War Cemetery


Best time to visit Sevastopol:

Probably the summer months, especially from June to September will be the ideal time to enjoy holidays in Sevastopol.


Where to stay in Sevastopol?

Sevastopol is dotted with several top class accommodation centres categorized as hotels, vacation rentals, BB and inns with upgraded amenities. The most famous and well-facilitated hotels in Sevastopol are listed below:

  • Aquamarine Apartments & Hotel
  • Best Western Sevastopol Hotel
  • Izumrud Hotel
  • Hotel Buhta Mechty
  • Hotel Ukraina
  • Delta Hotel
  • Hotel Dolphin
  • Reikartz Sevastopol Hotel
  • Olymp Hotel
  • Best Eastern Yard Hotel
  • Ludmila Guest House
  • Atlantika Hotel
  • Guest House K&T
  • Hersones Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Zodiak
  • Admiral Hotel
  • Atrium – Kings Way Hotel


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