Best Tourist Places to Visit in Josefuv Dul, Czech Republic, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Josefuv Dul, Czech Republic, Europe

Josefuv Dul is a village in Jablonec nad Nisou district in the region of Liberec in Czech Republic. Josefuv is recognized for its popular mountains and visited by skiers, hikers and cyclists from all the parts of Europe and has abundance of greenery. Josefuv Dul economy depends on tourism and few small businesses in the village. Josefuv spans an area of 22 square kilometers (8 square miles) and situated at an altitude of 625 meters (2,051 feet) above the sea level and River Jizera and the Jedlova flows through the village. Josefuv Dul is surrounded by Janov nad Nisou, Desna, Tanvald, Jablonec nad Nisou and Hejnice and placed at the distance of 120 kilometers from Prague, capital of Czech Republic. Coordinates of Josefuv Dul are 50.7790° N, 15.2400° E.

Tourism in Josefuv Dul:

Josefuv Dul is a village but it is surrounded by mountains and greenery that makes the village one of the best locations to visit in Liberec region and there are sports activities like hiking, skiing and cycling in the mountain regions. The River Jezera and the River Jedlova flows through the village make it one of breathtaking sights in the region. There are few landmarks in the village, Neo-Gothic church and it is the oldest church in the village constructed in 1862 and royal family castle.

What to See in Josefuv Dul?

  • Kaple
  • Zeleny Vrch
  • Marianská hora
  • Museum Skla
  • Vyhled na Skale
  • Raseliniste Jizery

Best time to visit Josefuv Dul:

Josefuv Dul is bounded by lush greenery and during summer climate will be pleasant and June to September is the best time to visit the village and during winters snow fall is common the village and most of tourists visit during the winters as well.

How to reach Josefuv Dul?

Josefuv Dul can be reached by trains or buses these two are the main mode of transportation to reach Josefuv Dul from nearby towns and cities. Josefuv Dul is well linked through the train networks but direct trains are available from Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec, Tanvald and few other cities and towns and one can board direct trains to these regions from other cities in Czech Republic. Buses are the best and convenient way to reach the village from surrounding cities and towns as frequent buses will operate to Josefuv Dul village and there are many companies providing direct buses to the village. Prague Airport is the closest airport to Josefuv Dul village situated at the distance of 145 kilometers in Prague city and it is the main international airport caters flights to numerous destinations in Europe.

Hotels in Josefuv Dul:

Josefuv Dul is one of the renowned tourism locations in the country visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and hotels are situated in and around the village providing some of the best accommodation conveniences to the sightseers. Hotels in the village are for all the kind of holiday makers and these hotels boasts all the kinds of services and provides authentic and traditional cuisines with all the modern amenities. List of some prominent hotels in and around Josefuv Dul are as follows:

  • Pytloun City Boutique Hotel
  • Clarion Grandhotel Zlaty Lev
  • Hotel Brizky
  • Best Western Plus Pytloun Design Hotel
  • Ala Ubytovani
  • Hotel Radnice
  • Residence Salvia
  • Hotel Babylon
  • Penzion Jablonec
  • Hotel Na Baste
  • Hotel U Jezirka
  • Penzion Pokorny
  • Penzion U Muzea

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