Aegina Tourist Places to Visit in Aegina, Greece, Europe

Aegina Tourist Places to Visit in Aegina, Greece, Europe

Aegina Island is situated in Saronic Gulf in Greece and the island is divided into five communities by name Aegina, Kypseli, Measgros, Perdika, and Vathy and capital of the Aegina Island is Aegina town. Aegina covers a total area of 87.41 square kilometers (34 square miles) and it is roughly triangular in shape and surrounded by fertile lands.

The economy of the Aegina depends on fishing, agriculture and tourism industry and tourists visit Aegina due to the pleasant climate and landscapes. Aegina is surrounded by Methana, Megalocahori, Eantio and Pireas and Athens, capital of Greece is situated at the distance of 55 kilometers from Aegina Island. Coordinates of Aegina are 37.7500° N, 23.4333° E.


History of Aegina:

Aegina was inhabited since as early as 20th century BC and during the 6th and 5th centuries BC, the island emerged as the sea power territory in the Greece. Aegina was ruled by the Macedonians, the Aetolians, Attalus of Pergamum and the Romans and after the fall of Roman Empire the region was captured by Byzantine Kingdom and they ruled until the year 1204, later captured by Frankish in 1204 and Venetians ruled the region from 1451 to 1537 and later the island was exchanged between the rulers of Ottoman and Venetian.


Attractions in Aegina:

Temple of Aphaea:

Temple of Aphaea is renowned temple and a major landmark of the Aegina and was the part of pre-Christian and renowned for its architectural design and visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year is situated at the distance of 5 kilometers from center of the city.


Ioannis Kapodistrias:

Ioannis Kapodistrias is the first modern building on the island and largest building constructed during 1776 to 1831 and the building served as the museum, a library and a school and the collection of the museum was transferred to Athens in the year 1834.


Temple of Zeus Hellanios:

Temple of Zeus Hellanios is situated at the distance of 14 kilometers from center of the city is a 13th century Byzantine church constructed on the ruins of the ancient temple of Zeus Hellanios and the temple is worth visiting.


Other places to visit in Aegina:

  • Old Tower
  • Perdika village
  • Perdika
  • Agios Nektarios


Best time to visit Aegina:

Aegina experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot summer from June to September and mild winter from December to March and best time to visit Athens is from June to September.


Transportation to Aegina:

Aegian is mountainous island and it is not served by airways and the only way to reach the island is through sea route and Egina and Agia Marina Ports provides ferry services to the nearby islands and cities like Nisi Agkistri, Methana, Palaia Epidavros, Poros, Pireas and few other places and ferry services are provided by Hellenic Seaways, Aegean and Nova Ferries. Tourists can board bus from port to distinct parts of the island and can rent a car from major hotels and dealers on the island.


Accommodation in Aegina:

Aegina is located just 55 kilometers from center of the city is one of the main tourism destination in Greece and the island is surrounded by mountain regions and provides accommodation facilities to all the tourists with warm welcome and world class hospitality. Hotels in Aegina boasts facilities like free internet with Wi-Fi, spa and sauna, hot water baths, body massage and therapies, exclusive lobby and lounges, laundry and dry-cleaning facilities and many others and cost from $ 20 to $ 250 and above per day. List of hotels in Aegina are as follows:

  • Aeginitiko Archontiko
  • Ela Mesa
  • Cavo Petra
  • Guest House Arsinoe
  • Hotel Marmarinos
  • Hotel Flisvos
  • Pantazis Studios
  • Philoxenia By Kyriakakou
  • Artemis Rooms
  • Perdika Suites
  • Costantonia Holiday Apartments
  • Electra Pension
  • Hotel Klonos Anna

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