Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kos, Greece, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kos, Greece, Europe

Kos Island is a part of South Aegean region in Greece covers an area of 287.2 square miles (111 square miles) and situated at highest elevation of 843 meters (2766 feet) above the sea level. Kos Island is surrounded by chain of mountains and the economy of the island depends on tourism and farming industry and Kos town is the tourist and cultural hub in the island.

Kos is surrounded by Kalimnos, Datca, Mandraki, Pserimos, and Akyarlar and situated at the distance of 450 kilometers from Athens, the capital city of Kos. Coordinates of Kos are 36.8500° N, 27.2333° E.


History of Kos:

Kos Island was initially inhabited by Carians and according the Roman mythology the island was visited by Hercules and during the early ages the island was the religious and political part of various rulers. During the Greek rule in the island they constructed various monuments and buildings and later conquered by Venetians and was ruled for 200 years but later invaded by Turkey and Ottoman.


Tourist Attractions in Kos:

Zia beach:

Zia beach is small but renowned beach in the Kos is accessible by cycle or by foot and enclosed by bar, restaurants, markets, taverns and shops and the perfect location to relax and unwind the stress.


Exotic Beach:

Exotic Beach is also known as Xerokambos beach is one of the most renowned beaches in the country and tourists can enjoy some of the great water sports offered at the beach and surrounded by bar and restaurants.


Knights Castle:

A Knight Castle is situated in Kos town is one of the renowned castles on Kos Island that guards the entrance to the Kos harbor and tourists will be delighted to visit the castle.


Kamari Beach:

Kamari Beach is situated around 11 kilometers from center of the island is one of the renowned beaches in the Kos Island and locals call this beach as Kefalos beach, is visited by both the locals and international tourists.


Other Places to Visit in Kos:

  • Asklepeion
  • Agios Fokas
  • Kardamena

 Best time to visit Kos:

Kos experiences Mediterranean climate with mild winter and dry and hot summer and average temperature varies from 8° C to 31° C throughout the year and best time to visit Kos is from June to September.


Reaching Kos:

By Air:

Kos is served by Kos Island International Airport, situated at the distance of 1.5 kilometers from center of the city is one of the main international airports in the country that handles national and international flights to Europe, Middle East and Russia.


By Sea:

Kos Port is the main port on the island operates regular ferries to various ports in the country and during the tourist season extra ferries will function from distinct part of the country to Kos.


By Road:

Kos Island is well connected through road ways within the island and bus and car are the main mode of transportation on the island and cars and bikes are available for rent on the island.


Accommodation in Kos:

There are many good hotels positioned in Kos that range budget to luxurious providing host of facilities and services. Being a popular tourist destination in Greece, the hotels offer all warmth and kindness to the tourists visiting the island from time to time. Some of the top class amenities offered by the hotels include spa, sauna, room heaters, air coolers, facilities for disabled guests, laundry and ironing services, airport shuttle etc. List of some of the hotels situated in Kos are as follows:

  • Alexandra Hotel
  • Panorama Studios
  • Kos Hotel Junior Suites
  • Kosta Palace
  • Kos Aktis Art Hotel
  • Kipriotis Hippocrates
  • Oscar Hotel
  • Maritina Hotel
  • Antony’s Hotel
  • Olympic Hotel
  • Apollonia Hotel
  • Andreas Studios
  • Angela Thalia Apartments

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