Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Greece, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Greece, Europe

Greece is formally known as Hellenic Republic is a country in Southeast part of Europe covering an area of 131,957 square kilometers (50,949 square miles). Greece is surrounded by mountain regions and numerous islands and has 11th longest coastline in the world and divided into five regions by name Attica, The Peloponnese, Greek Island, Crete and Central and Northern Greece and Athens is the capital of the country. Greece is one of the ancient countries in the world surrounded by many historical places, cultural and ruins and the economy of the country depends on tourism, manufacturing and service industries, business and international trades.

Greece is strategically situated at the junction of Europe, Western Asia, and Africa and surrounded by Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy and Libya. Coordinates of Greece are 39.0000° N, 22.0000° E.


History of Greece:

Greece was settled as early as 270,000 BC and from 7th millennium BC, Neolithic settlement was established. Greece is hub to the first civilization in Europe and at the end of Greek Dark Age in 776 BC, the first Olympic Games was initiated. The country was ruled by Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman and Greek War of Independence was stated in the year 1821.


Attractions in Greece:

Byzantine Museum:

Byzantine Museum is situated in Thessaloniki city and the museums exhibits the permanent and temporary exhibitions of Byzantine arts and culture and there are more than 2900 artifacts like mosaics, pottery, frescoes, icons, statues, paintings and many more.


Valley of the Butterflies:

Valley of the Butterflies is one of the main attractions in the Rhodes Island that are colored moths and a protected area visited by thousands of tourists and surrounded by lush greenery.



Fortezza is one of the renowned castles on the Rethymno Island, is well maintained was constructed during the Venetian era in 16th century and tourists visiting the island should visit the castle that delights the day.


War Museum of Chania:

The War Museum of Chania is situated in Sfakianaki 1 in Chania was constructed in 1870, designed by Makouzo, Italian architecture and the building served as Italian Barracks and the museum was established in the year 1995 and has the collection of war artifacts and other items.


Other Places to Visit in Greece:

  • Acropolis, Athens
  • Archaeological Site of Aigai
  • Archeological site of Delphi
  • Archeological site of Mystras
  • Archeological site of Olympia
  • Archeological site of Mycenae and Tiryns
  • Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus
  • Historic Centre (Chora)
  • Medieval City of Rhodes
  • Monasteries of Daphni
  • Old Town of Corfu
  • Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki
  • Pythagoreion and Heraion of Samos
  • Mount Athos


Best time to visit Greece:

Greece features Mediterranean climate hot, dry summers and mild wet winters and best time to visit Greece is from June to September.


Transportation to Greece:

Greece is well connected through air, road, sea and road transportation and Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport is the main and largest airport in the country and flight services is operated by renowned companies in Europe and Greece. Greece mainland is connected through railways and international rail service is operated from Thessaloniki city that connects to Sofia, Bucharest, Istanbul and Belgrade. Commuter rail services are available in Athens and Thessaloniki cities. Greece has extensive network of boat services in the country and receives domestic and international ferries from major cities in the Europe. Each island is well connected through buses; car, taxi, motorcycle and bicycle are common mode of transportation in the country.


Accommodation in Greece:

Greece offers a wide range of accommodation suites to tourists which suits to fit any budget from family friendly hotels to luxury to budget hotels. Hotels in any part of the country are within the range and desired location with world class facilities and hospitality. Hotel rooms in Atlanta may range from $ 20 to $ 500 and above per day, some of the prominent hotels in Greece are as follows:

  • Zaliki Boutique Hotel
  • Capsis Hotel Thessaloniki
  • Lithies Traditional Homes
  • Princess Andriana Resort & Spa
  • Macaris Suites & Spa
  • InterContinental Athenaeum Athens
  • Filoxenia Sea & View
  • Andronikos Hotel
  • Therianos Traditional Villas
  • George Beach Studios
  • Kos Aktis Art Hotel
  • Limneon Resort & Spa
  • Hotel Du Lac Congress Center & Spa

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