Best Tourist Places to Visit in Zlin, Czech Republic, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Zlin, Czech Republic, Europe

Zlin city is situated in the east part of Czech Republic in the Zlin Region and the River Drevnice flows through the city. Zlin is one of the breathtaking cities in the country surrounded by lush greenery mountains and modern buildings and one of the famed shoe companies, Bata was first established in the city before the World War I. Zlin is bounded by Frystak, Holesov, Slusovice, Vizovice, Slavicin, Luhacovice, Otrokovice, Napajedla and Tmava and Prague, capital of Czech Republic is situated at the distance of 300 kilometers from heart of the city. Zlin covers an area of 102.83 square kilometers (40 square miles) and elevation of 230 meters (755 feet) above the sea level and coordinates are 49.2331° N, 17.6669° E.

History of Zlin:

Zlin was first recognized in the 1322 and it was granted as the status of town in the year 1397 and populaces of the region were against the Habsburg monarchy during the Thirty Years War. Zlin prospered after the establishment of shoe factory by Tomas Bata in the year 1894 and supplies the shoes to the Austro-Hungarian army during the First World War and later the city became the headquarter of Bata company.

What to See in Zlin?

Zoological Garden Zlin:

Zoological Garden Zlin is situated at the distance of 7.5 kilometers from middle of the city is also renowned as the Zoo Lesna and it is the first zoo established by Tomas Bata in Zlin city and the zoo has more than 200 species of animals and also has exhibition hall.

Villa of Tomáš Bata:

Villa of Tomáš Baťa is one of the historical buildings of the city was design by the Jan Kotera, a renowned Czech architect and the construction of the villa was completed in 1911 and at present it is the headquarters of Thomas Bata Foundation.

Interesting thing to see in Zlin:

  • Baťa’s Hospital
  • The Grand Cinema
  • Monument of Tomáš Baťa
  • Baťa’s Skyscraper

Best time to visit Zlin:

Best time to visit Zlin is during summer seasons from June to September during these months climate will be pleasant and warm and winters are from November to March, climate will be cold.

How to reach Zlin?

By Air:

Zlin is situated close to Brno city and Brno–Tuřany Airport is the closest airport to Zlin city at the distance of 92 kilometers in Brno city and airport handles direct flights to London, Moscow, Eindhoven, Bergamo, Thessaloniki and Burgas and many other cities in Europe.

By Train:

Zlin is situated eastern part of Czech Republic and it receives many trains from distinct parts of the country and from Bratislava and Vienna cities and train are the best and expedient way for long distance travel in the country.

By Road:

Zlin is well linked through national and international highways and receives buses from various parts of the country and from neighboring countries and one can get around the city by bus, car or taxis.

Hotels in Zlin:

Zlin is one of the historical cities in Czech Republic visited by number of tourists and locals during the summer seasons and there are lots of hotels in and around the city that are traditionally decorated for the cozy and sumptuous of the sightseers and equipped with state of arts facilities and hospitalities. Hotel rooms in Zlin costs from $ 25 to $ 350 and above per day and boats facilities like luggage storage, dry cleaning, newspapers, 24-hour front desk, room service, internet services, tourist information, city maps, and many more services. Some of the hotels in Zlin is as follows:

  • Hotel Ondráš
  • Lesni Hotel
  • Penzion Uno Hotel
  • Hotel Garni Zlín
  • Koliba u Cerneho Medveda
  • Hotel Lázně Kostelec
  • Penzion a Restaurace U Johana
  • Štípský Šenk
  • Hotel Krystal
  • Wellness Hotel Rezidence Ambra
  • Hotel La Fresca
  • Hotel Rottal
  • Hotel Octarna

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