Tourist Places to Visit in Babruysk, Belarus, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Babruysk, Belarus, Europe

Babruysk also called as Bobruysk is a city situated in the Mahilyow Voblast (province) in Belarus between 53°09′ N latitude and 29°14′ E, around 115 km southwest of the provincial capital, Mogilyov and 145 km southeast of the national capital, Minsk.

Babruysk is especially noted for the presence of the biggest timber mill in Belarus and it is also home to many chemical and metalworking industries and educational institutions.


Geography of Babruysk:

Located on the banks of the Berezina River at an elevation of 157 meters, Babruysk covers an area of 66 square km.


History of Babruysk:

It is believed that, Babruysk takes its name from the Babruyka River which may be derived from the Belarusian word ‘Babyor’ or ‘European Beaver’ (species of beaver). Babruysk is Belarus’s one of the oldest city, served as the prominent military base and trade centre of Belarus during the 15th century.


Connectivity to Babruysk:

Mogilev Airport is the closest airport to Babruysk with limited connections. So the nearest major airport to Babruysk is Minsk National Airport which is situated around 145 km away from Babruysk with scheduled flights to Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Istanbul, Moscow, Prague, London, St. Petersburg and many other Asian and European cities.

Babruysk can be reached by train from Minsk city and it takes around 2 hours to reach.

There are regular buses plying between Babruysk and Minsk, served by both large and mini buses.

Taxis, rental cars and bikes are commonly used for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Babruysk:

Babruysk is rich in culture home to many historical structures, museums, churches and libraries and music, dance and visual arts schools.

Babruysk houses plenty of traditional and modernized shops and the major food corners in Babruysk are as follows:

  • Chirvonaya Vezha
  • Amsterdam Restaurant


Things to do in Babruysk:

  • Historical sites
  • Shopping
  • Walking


What to see in Babruysk?

Babruysk Fortress:

Babruysk fortress is the major landmark as well as a tourist attraction of Babruysk which was constructed between 1810 and 1836 in the historic center of Babruysk. It is recognized as Belarus’s national architectural monument and holds a strong history.


The Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas:

One of the must see sites in Babruysk, the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas is a white colored cathedral placed in the pleasant environment. It was recently rebuilt between the years 2006 and 2009 with grand features. Bring camera to take some classy pictures.


Babruysk City Hall:

Babruysk City Hall is a well constructed cultural centre in Babruysk used for many regional cultural programs. Also tourists can spot a typical statue in front of the city hall.


Other places of interest in Babruysk are listed below:

  • Babruysk’s old library building
  • Babruysk Market Hall
  • Old T-34 Tank
  • Babruysk Railway Station
  • Monument to a Beaver
  • Blue Krynica
  • Gorki Agricultural Academy
  • Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University


When to visit Babruysk?

From July to October will be the best time to travel Babruysk.


Where to stay in Babruysk?

Hotel Tourist is one of the prominent hotels in Babruysk featuring suites, standard single and double rooms and offering facilities like TV, telephone, conference-hall, fitness-club, billiard, bowling, sauna and many other latest grand facilities. The other prominent hotels in Babruysk, Mogilev and Minsk are listed below:

  • Bobryisk Hotel
  • Hotel Tourist
  • Shinnik Resort
  • Hotel Mogilev
  • Gubernski Hotel
  • Hotel Europe
  • Aparthotel Comfort
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Victoria Hotel & Business Centre
  • Robinson Club
  • Hotel Westa
  • Hotel Minsk
  • President Hotel Minsk
  • Hotel Planeta
  • Hotel Yubileiny

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