Places to Visit in Minsk, Belarus, Europe

Places to Visit in Minsk, Belarus, Europe

Minsk is the capital and the largest city of Belarus located on the banks of rivers Svislach and Nyamiha at an altitude of 280.6 meters. It is also the administrative headquarters of Minsk Region housing most of the major administrative offices of the Republic of Belarus.


Geography of Minsk:

Minsk is geographically placed between 53°54′ N latitude and 27°34′ E longitude covering an area of 409.5 sq. km. Minsk experiences warm summer hemiboreal humid continental climate.


History of Minsk:

The history of Minsk goes back to the 11th century when it was the provincial city within the Polotsk Principality. Minsk was one of the parts of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1242 and it achieved town status in 1499. Minsk served as the capital of the Minsk Voivodship in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1569 to the end of the 18th century. Minsk became the part of the Russian Empire in 1793 and the capital of the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic under the Soviet Union from 1919 to 1991.


How to reach Minsk?

Minsk is home to most important airport of the country, Minsk National Airport which is located around 40 km away from the downtown Minsk with scheduled flights to major European locations such as Vienna, Moscow, Frankfurt, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, London, Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam.

Apart from flights, Minsk is also connected with neighboring cities by train including Moscow, Vilnius, Kiev and Berlin.

Minsk is connected by upgraded metro train system and buses, taxis and rental cars are additional options for both short and long distances.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Minsk:

Minsk is the cultural centre of Belarus with around 11 theatres, 16 museums and dozens of historical churches. Minsk is also home to 20 cinemas and 139 libraries.

The prominent shopping centres in Minsk are as follows:

  • Centralnaja Kniharnia
  • Suveniraja Lavka
  • Podzemka

Tourists can refer following food corners to taste both traditional and international delicacies:

  • Freski Cafe
  • Sprava Cafe
  • Bistro de Luxe
  • Gastro Pub Gambrinus


What to do in Minsk?

  • Visiting Museums
  • Visiting Parks
  • Visiting Libraries
  • Shopping


Places to see in Minsk:

Saint Peter & Saint Paul Church:

Saint Peter & Saint Paul Church is the oldest church in Minsk, initially constructed in 1613 and rebuilt in 1871. This worth visit church placed at Vulica Rakauskaja 4.


Belarus National Museum of History and Culture:

Belarus National Museum of History and Culture houses a great collection of paintings and photographs related to the rich history and culture of Belarus. It is situated at Vulica Karla Marksa 12 and is open for tourists between 11AM and 7PM, from Thursday to Tuesday. The entrance fee is 7,000 rubles.


St Mary Magdeline Church:

St Mary Magdeline Church locally called Tsarkva Svyatoj Maryi Magdaleny is located at Vulica Kisialiova 42. It was constructed under the Russian revival style architecture in the year 1847. A pointed octagonal bell tower is the special attraction of the church.


List of other places of interest in Minsk include:

  • Former Residence of Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Belarus National Museum of History and Culture
  • National Arts Museum of the Republic of Belarus
  • Palac Mastactva
  • The Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War
  • KGB Headquarters
  • Mastacki Salon
  • Church of Saints Simon and Helena
  • Island of Tears
  • Victory Square
  • National Library of Belarus
  • Alivaria Brewery Museum
  • Minsk-Arena Complex


Ideal time to visit Minsk:

The best time to enjoy holidays in Minsk is during the months between May and September.


Where to stay in Minsk?

Being a capital city as well prominent tourist site in Belarus, Minsk houses around 50 reputed hotels with latest tourist favor facilities. The budget hotels of Minsk charge around $15 per day, mid range hotels charge $50+/day and luxury hotels charge around $200/day. The prominent hotels in Minsk are listed below:

  • Hotel Europe
  • President Hotel Minsk
  • U Fontana Hotel
  • Hostel Jazz Minsk
  • Aparthotel Comfort
  • Aparton Business Week
  • Mini-Hotel La Menska
  • Victoria Hotel & Business Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Holiday Village Syabry
  • Guest House Spa
  • Best Minsk Hostel
  • Center Rent Apartments
  • Troitskoye Rental Apartments
  • Apartments Anjel

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