Places to Visit in Arlon, Belgium, Europe

Places to Visit in Arlon, Belgium, Europe

Arlon municipality spans an area of 118.64 square kilometers (45.81 square miles) in the province of Luxembourg in Wallonia Region, Belgium. Arlon municipality consists of 20 villages located near to border of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and several residential and commercial development zones have been established in the region and Ferrero Rocher chocolate factory has hired the local populaces.

Arlon is surrounded by Habay, Etalle, Tintigny, Beckerich, Hobscheid, Steinfort and Messancy and positioned at the distance of 195 kilometers from Brussels, capital of Belgium. Coordinates of Arlon are 49.6847° N, 5.8156° E.


History of Arlon:

Arlon was inhabited by Treveri tribes, before the settlement of Romans in the Arlon region. Treveri tribes accepted the Roman culture and various sculpted stones and monuments were established in the region and soon turned into a commercial and administrative hub of Roman civilization. Arlon city became the part of Burgundian Netherlands in the year 1441 and in the year 1557, French army destroyed the city but did not capture the region. French defeated the Capuchin monks in the battle of Waterloo in the year 1793 and captured the town.


Attraction in Arlon:

Archeological Museums:

Archeological Museums is situated at the distance of 1.5 kilometers from middle of Arlon is the richest archeological museum in the country exhibiting several Roman sculptures and Merovingian funerary art and the museum is must visit site in the country.


Gallo-Roman Wall:

Gallo-Roman wall is one of the best examples of Roman architecture and the wall is still most impressive and attracts number of tourists and the wall was constructed in the 3rd century.


Saint Donat’s Church:

Saint Donat’s church is just 5 minutes walk from center of the city is situated on the top of the Knipchen Mountain is the place where Waleran I of Limburg constructed the fort and Capuchin monks, constructed their convent.


Places to see in and around Arlon:

  • Gaspar Museum
  • Arlon Cemetery

 Climate in Arlon:

Arlon experiences mild humid temperate climate with warm summers and chilled winter and average temperature varies from -1° C to 23° C. best time to visit Arlon is from June to September.

Transportation to Arlon:

Sterpenich Airport is positioned at the distance of 9 kilometers from Arlon town in Sterpenich town serves with domestic flights within the country and from airport; tourists can board bus or can hire taxi to reach Arlon town. Arlon railway station receives regular trains from all the parts of the country and receives trains from neighboring country Luxemburg city is the best mode of transportation in the country. National highway E25 passes through the city connecting to neighboring country and due to its location on the border it receives international buses regularly and taxis are available to get around the town.


Accommodation in Arlon:

Arlon provides some of the best hotel lodging services to the tourists visiting the site from time to time. Hotels in Arlon range from 1 star to 4 star and provides world class living facilities for the handiness and reassure of the tourists and the tariffs vary from hotel to hotel. Customers can select a hotel of their choice, requirements and budget and book a hotel well in advance prior to visiting the place. List of hotels located in Arlon are as follows:

  • Best Western Hotel Arlux
  • Best Western Hotel Arlon
  • Appart’City Arlon – Porte du Luxembourg
  • Hostellerie du Peiffeschof
  • Domaine du Chateau du Bois d’Arlon
  • Legere Hotel Luxembourg
  • Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club Hotel
  • Alvisse Parc Hotel
  • Hotel Olivier
  • Hotel Mon Plaisir
  • Hotel Parc Beaux Arts
  • Grand Hotel Cravat
  • Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg

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