Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Belgium, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Belgium, Europe

Belgium is formally called as Kingdom of Belgium is a national kingdom in Western Europe, spans over an area of 11,787 square miles (30,528 square kilometers) and member of various organizations in the world. Belgium is divided into three regions by name Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia and subdivided into 10 provinces and Brussels in the capital of the Belgium, situated in the center of the country. Economy of the country is mainly based on import and export of the goods and industries, is one of the busiest cities in the Europe.

Belgium shares the border with Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France countries and connected to England through water cannel. Coordinates of Belgium are 50.5333° N, 4.7667° E.


History of Belgium:

Belgium was inhabited by Belgae tribe before the settlement of Romans in the country and the name of the country was derived from Gallia Belgica, a Roman Province and during the 5th century Germanic Frankish tribe migrated to the country and was ruled by Merovingian kings and in 8th century the country was ruled by Carolingian Empire. In 843, the country was divided into Middle and West Francia and ruled by France, Holy Roman Emperor, Netherlands, Spain and Austrian Habsburgs and French Revolutionary Wars were started in the year 1794. In the 19th century there were three major parties in the country by name Catholic Party and the Liberal Party, Belgian Labor Party and French is the official language of the country. In the year 1914, Germany attacked the Belgium to defeat France and World War I occurred in Western Front region.


Language and Cuisines of Belgium:

Language in the country is divided into regions Flemish Region is occupied by Dutch speaking populaces known as Flemish Community and Walloon Region is occupied by French and German speaking populaces, French speaking region is recognized as French Community and German speaking region is identified as German society and each community follow their own culture and religions. Cuisines of the country reflect the cuisine of neighboring France, Germany and Netherlands and Belgium is recognized for its chocolate and beer in the Europe. Most consumed food in the country is hamburgers, spaghetti Bolognese and beer.


Major Attractions in Belgium:

  • Belfries of Belgium and France
  • Royal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Flemish Béguinages
  • Museum of Modern Art Antwerp
  • Historic Centre of Brugge
  • Magritte Museum
  • Musical Instrument Museum
  • La Grand-Place, Brussels
  • Major Mining Sites of Wallonia
  • Gourmet Library and museum
  • Major Town Houses of the Architect Victor Horta (Brussels)
  • Neolithic Flint Mines at Spiennes (Mons)
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai
  • Museum for Old Techniques
  • Curtius Museum
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts
  • Church of Saint Anne, Aldeneik
  • Collegiate Church of Saint Gertrude, Nivelles
  • Notre Dame de Dinant
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Scherpenheuvel
  • Saint George’s Memorial Church, Ypres
  • Church of Saint Joseph, Waterloo
  • Plantin-Moretus House-Workshops-Museum Complex
  • Stoclet House
  • The Four Lifts on the Canal du Centre and their Environs, La Louvière and Le Roeulx (Hainaut)
  • Hoge Kempen National Park
  • Kalmthoutse Heide
  • Eifel Nature Park
  • High Fens


Climate in Belgium:

Belgium is served by mild winters and cool summers and is rainy, humid and cloudy throughout the year and best time to visit Belgium is from June to October.


Transportation at Belgium:

Belgium has well-developed and extensive network of road, rail and water. Rail network in the country is managed by the National Railway Company of Belgium operates high speed lines in the major cities and other cities are connected by normal likes and populaces of the country are used to rail transportation due to cheap ticket and better services.  Road network in the country are operated by each region and connected by European highways from neighboring countries and national highways within the country and roads are well organized and developed. Belgium has four sea ports in the country by name Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Ostend and main inland ports are Brussels and Liege. Belgium has total 43 airports in which five are commercial airports by name Brussels Airport, the Ostend-Bruges International Airport, the Brussels-South Charleroi Airport, the Liège Airport and the Antwerp International Airport, all the five airports handles domestic and international flights.


Accommodation in Belgium:

Belgium has many high end lavishness hotels providing astonishing world class conveniences and services to the tourists taking accommodation in such hotels. Hotels range from 1 star to 5 star and tourists can choose a hotel of their choice based on their requirements, needs and budget and the hotels are equipped with all the world class facilities. List of some renowned hotels in Belgium are as follows:

  • Holiday Inn Brussels Airport
  • Alliance Hotel Ieper Centrum
  • Best Western Premier Weinebrugge
  • Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport
  • Du Val De Poix Hotel Poix
  • Martin’s Grand Hotel
  • Ramada Plaza Liege City Center
  • Theater Hotel Leuven Centrum
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Hasselt
  • Hotel Villa Cento Passi Ghent
  • City Partner Hotel Ter Streep
  • Argus Hotel Brussels
  • Hotel Oud Huis de Peellaert
  • Best Western Hotel Arlon
  • Hotel Golden Tulip Antwerp Centre

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