Top Tourist Places to Visit in Ghent, Belgium, Europe

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Ghent, Belgium, Europe

Ghent is the capital and biggest city in the province of East Flanders in Belgium, is situated on the convergence of the Rivers Scheldt and Lys is one of the richest cities in the northern Europe and prominent for its port and university. Ghent is bounded by Afsnee, Desteldonk, Drongen, Gentbrugge, Ledeberg, Mariakerke, Mendonk, Oostakker, Sint-Amandsberg, and Sint-Denijs-Westrem cities and spans over an area of 60.30 square miles (156.18 square kilometers). Ghent is positioned 55 kilometers from the capital of the country Brussels and coordinates are 51.0500° N, 3.7333° E.


History of Ghent:

Ghent was inhabited on the meeting point of Scheldt and Lys since Stone Age and the Iron Age and about 650, Saint Amand established two abbeys in Ghent and grew as one of the main commercial centers in the country. During 11th and 13th century it became most populated city in the Europe and numerous churches and monuments were established in the region. Under the rule of Flanders and Dukes of Burgundy the city of Ghent flourished in 14th century and in 1500, the city was ruled by Charles V, who became the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain. In the 18th and 19th centuries the textile industry flourished and turned into one of the richest cities in the Europe.


Attractions in Ghent:

Belfort en Lakenhalle:

Belfort en Lakenhalle is open from 10 am to 6 pm everyday is one of the main landmarks in the city and tower clutchs the vast bells that have tread out Ghent’s public arrogance through the centuries and from top of the tower tourists can come across the panoramic view of the city.



Sint-Baafskathedraal is renowned church in the city and constructed in Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque structural design with a core packed with inestimable paintings and sculptures and the church was constructed in the year 1420.


STAM – Ghent City Museum:

Ghent City Museum is placed at the distance of 3 kilometers from center of the city exhibits the story of Ghent in the 14th century Bijloke Abbey and painting and around 300 historical objects and interactive multimedia applications for the better knowledge of the city.


Places to see in Ghent:

  • Het Gravensteen
  • Sint-Niklaaskerk
  • Vooruit
  • Rederij Dewaele Canal Cruise
  • Jan Plezier Boottochten


Climate in Ghent:

Ghent experiences oceanic climate with pleasant summer and chilled winter seasons and average temperature during summer seasons is 11.4 degree Celsius and best time to visit Ghent is from June to September.


Transportation to Ghent:

Nearest airport to Ghent is Brussels Airport situated 65 kilometers away in Brussels city and caters with domestic and international flights and numerous carriers operate from airport to major destinations in the Europe and from airport tourists can board bus, taxi or train to travel within the city. Ghent is one of the busiest cities in the country operates and receives frequent trains from all the major cities in the country and trams are available in the city. Ghent is situated 60 kilometers from Brussels city connected by national highway E40 and linked by E17, N9, N70 and N60 highways from various parts of the city.


Accommodation in Ghent:

Apart from magnificent architectures and pleasing atmosphere, Ghent is one of the most important and busiest and trading centers in Belgium. To cater the increasing traveler or tourist influx and their lodging needs, three stars and four star hotels at Ghent offer luxurious rooms with world class amenities such as gym, laundry service, cable TV, air-conditioned rooms etc. Some of the hotels in Ghent are as follows:

  • Hotel NH Gent Belfort
  • Hotel Holiday Inn Gent
  • Hotel NH Gent Sint Pieters
  • Hotel Onderbergen Ghent
  • Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof
  • Gravensteen Hotel Ghent
  • Hotel Villa Cento Passi Ghent
  • Intercity Hotel Ghent
  • Chambre d’Hotes ‘t Waterhuis Hotel Ghent
  • Eden Hotel Ghent
  • Den Yzer Hotel Ghent

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