Best Tourist Places to Visit in Mechelen, Belgium, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Mechelen, Belgium, Europe

Mechelen is a city in Antwerp province in the region of Flemish in Belgium and spans over an area of 13.02 square miles (33.71 square kilometers). Mechelen is home to major urban and industrial axis between Brussels and Antwerp cities and most of the populaces in the city are employed in the industries and estate offices and significant cities of historical art. Mechelen is bounded by Boom, Duffel, Willebroek, Rumst, Zemst, Aarschot, Londerzeel, Meise and Kontich and Brussels, capital of Belgium is situated at the distance of 30 kilometers from Mechelen. Coordinates of Mechelen are 51.0167° N, 4.4667° E.


History of Mechelen:

Mechelen was occupied from Gallo-Roman era and was the profitable region during those periods. During the 15th century Dukes of Burgundy ruled the region and in the year 1473, many political parties moved to the city. During the Late Middle Ages the region turned into a major cloth trade hub and an influential city and during the 16th century the city lost its charm due to the government institutions relocating to Brussels. Industrial era started in the city since 19th century and in the year 1835 railway line was developed in the city connecting to Brussels.


Tourism in Mechelen:

St. Rumbold’s Cathedral:

St. Rumbold’s Cathedral is one of the major landmarks in the city and the largest among the 8 churches in the Mechelen city and the church is renowned for works of art include the carved wood pulpit from 1723 and image of “Our Lady of Miracles” belonging to the early 16th century and an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Hof van Busleyden:

Hof van Busleyden is the significant museum in the city exhibiting the paintings, sculpture, tapestries, the town mascot, and the chains from the old jail but the explanations are in Dutch only.


Places to see in and around Mechelen:

  • Church of Our Lady of Leliendaal
  • Brusselpoort
  • Margaret of York Palace
  • The Lakenhal
  • Groot Begijnhof
  • Jewish Museum
  • Toy Museum at Nekkerspoel
  • The Refuge of Sint
  • Theravada Buddhist


Climate in Mechelen:

Mechelen faces mild temperate climate with cool winter and pleasant summer. During summer average temperature is around 12 degree Celsius and in winter season climate will fall below -0 degree Celsius. Best time to visit Mechelen is from June to October.

Transportation to Mechelen:

Mechelen Railway line is the oldest in the country has direct connectivity to Brussels city and tourists can find regular train services from different parts of the country to Mechelen city. European Highway 19 passes through the city and national highways like N183, 26, 14, 149, 15 and 1 connects the city from distinct parts of the country and has a widespread of bus network in the city. Brussels Airport is the nearest airport to city situated at the distance of 20 kilometers in Zaventem town is the main airport in the country has daily connections to all the major cities in Europe.


Accommodation in Mechelen:

Mechelen is attractive city has mixture of stylish lodging facilities with lavish amenities and hotels are placed close to the main shopping malls, shops, streets and hotels are at the walk able distance from major sites and provides with facilities like elevator, business centre, luggage storage, dry cleaning, internet services, Wi-Fi, tourist information, city maps, and many more services. Some of the hotels in Mechelen are listed here below:

  • Holiday Inn Express Mechelen City Centre
  • Holiday Inn Brussels Airport
  • Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport
  • Ramada Plaza Antwerp
  • Husa President Park
  • Crowne Plaza Antwerp
  • Thon Hotel Brussels Airport
  • Novotel Brussels Airport
  • Gresham Belson Hotel
  • Courtyard Brussels
  • Alliance Hotel Brussels Airport
  • Tulip Inn Antwerpen

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