Best Tourist Places to Visit in Grodno, Belarus, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Grodno, Belarus, Europe

Grodno also known as Hrodna is one of the major cities of Belarus as well as the capital of Grodno Region geographically positioned between 53°40′ N latitude and 23°50′ E longitude. Grodno is well known for its historical sites including forts, churches and residences which draw tourists from all around the world.


Geography of Grodno:

Grodno lies on the banks of the Neman River at an elevation of 137 meters, around 280 km southwest of Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Grodno spans over an area of 142.11 sq. km. The rivers like Neman River, Haradnicanka River and Łasasianka River pass through Grodno.


History of Grodno:

The name of Grodno was derived from the Old East Slavic word ‘gorodit’ which means ‘to enclose’. The history of Grodno dates back to 1128 when it was originally founded. The major historical identities of Grodno are the Orthodox church of Sts. Boris and Gleb, the Old Grodno Castle, the Jesuit Cathedral and the Bridgettine convent.


Connectivity to Grodno:

Grodno has an airport served by Belavia Airlines with seasonal flights to Kaliningrad. Grodno is sited around 320 km from Minsk National Airport which is the most important airport of the country with flights to the most of the major cities of Europe.

There are daily trains available in Minsk to Grodno that depart at 4:22PM and takes around five hours to Grodno. Grodno also has good connectivity with Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia by train.

There are daily express buses plying between Minsk and Grodno, costing 45,000 rubles per way. Buses, trolley buses, taxis and cars are options for local travel.


Culture and Food in Grodno:

Grodno houses many ancient churches and forts as well several museums related to culture and history of Grodno. Other than native language, locals also speak Russian well.

The major food corners in Grodno are listed below:

  • Korchma U Prichala
  • Raskosha 1795
  • Beer Restaurant at Neman Hotel
  • Zolotoy Telenok
  • Kronon Restaurant


What to do in Grodno?

  • Visiting Parks
  • Visiting Historical sites
  • Shopping


Places to see in Grodno:

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral:

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is one of the most beautiful structures in Grodno. This Roman Catholic cathedral was originally built in 1705 as Jesuit church and was converted into a cathedral in the year 1991.


Old Hrodna Castle:

Old Hrodna Castle also called as Hrodna Upper Castle was initially constructed as the seat of the empire of Black Ruthenian rulers in the eleventh century. Currently, the museum has been converted into a museum with different ages historical objects.


The botanical garden of Grodno:

Godno Botanical Garden was established in 1774 as the 1st in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It is now well maintained that attracts nature lovers from all around Belarus.


List of other places of interest in and around Grodno include:

  • The Jesuit Cathedral of Hrodna
  • Central Park
  • New Castle of Grodno
  • T-34 monument
  • Łasasianka River
  • Orthodox church of Sts. Boris and Gleb
  • Grodno Zoo
  • Grodna Regional Puppet Theatre
  • Grodno Regional Drama Theater
  • Museum of the History of Religion
  • Church of Holy Trinity
  • Karsky Scientific Library
  • The Jewish Community of Grodno
  • The Fraciscan Monastery and Church
  • The Bernandine Church
  • Brigitte Church


Ideal time to visit Grodno:

Throughout the year is best, especially from July to October is ideal time to trip Grodno while many grand festivals take place.


Where to stay in Grodno?

Grodno is home to some fine exotic hotels ranging from budget to star offering brilliant services to the guests who visit the city from time to time. Other than facilities and services, hotels also offer typical mouth-watering Belarusian delicacies. The major hotels in Grodno are as follows:

  • Kronon Park Hotel
  • Hotel Semashko
  • Belarus Hotel
  • Neman
  • Hotel Slavia
  • Tourist Hotel
  • Hello Grodno Hostel

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