Best Tourist Places to Visit in Belarus, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Belarus, Europe

Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe geographically positioned at 53.5167° N 28.7667° E, bounded in the west by Poland, towards south by Ukraine, Russia in the northeast and in the northwest by Lithuania and Latvia. Belarusian ruble is the currency and Belarusian and Russian are the two official languages of Belarus. Manufacturing and service industries are the pillars of the Belarus economy.


Geography of Belarus:

Belarus spans over an area of 207,595 sq. km. (85th largest country in the world). Minsk is the capital and the largest city of Belarus and other major cities of Belarus are listed below:

  • Mahilyow
  • Brest
  • Hrodna
  • Vitsebsk
  • Homiel


History of Belarus:

Belarus was occupied by different European countries until the 20th century and Belarus became the constituent republic of the Soviet Union or the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, effect of the Russian Revolution. The independence of Belarus was declared from the Soviet Union on 27th July 1990 and Belarus finally became fully independent on 25th August 1991.

Connectivity to Belarus:

Minsk National Airport is the most important airport of Belarus situated around 40 km away from the downtown Minsk (capital of Belarus) with connections to Vienna, Moscow, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Vienna, Moscow, Frankfurt, Istanbul and other major European locations.

Minsk also has good railway and road network within the country. Taxis and cars are additional options for both short and long distances.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Belarus:

Eastern Orthodox Christianity dominates the population of Belarus, followed by Irreligion, Catholicism and other religions. Some World Heritage Sites in Belarus include Mir Castle Complex, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Struve Geodetic Arc and Nesvizh Castle.

Draniki is a national dish of Belarus and the cities of Belarus houses both traditional and modern shopping centres and most of the modernized shops are situated in the capital city, Minsk.


Places to see in Belarus:

National Academic Big Opera and Ballet Theatre:

Situated in a park in the Trinity Banlieu of Minsk city, National Opera and Ballet of Belarus is one of the major cultural centres of Belarus was initially opened in 1933 and the current theatre was inaugurated in the year 1939.


Brest Fortress:

Brest Fortress was constructed in the 19th century during the Soviet Union era. It occupies an area of 4 km², is situated at the convergence of the Mukhavets and Bug rivers. It is a must see.


Minsk Zoo:

Located in the vicinity of Svislach River in the southern portion of Minsk, Minsk Zoo was opened in the year 1984. It is home to many native as well as foreign country’s animals including a male wisent.


List of other places of interest in Belarus includes:

  • Bialowieza Forest
  • Mir Castle Complex
  • Braslau Lakes
  • Gorky Park
  • Belarusian National Arts Museum
  • Chizhovka-Arena
  • Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum
  • Pischalauski Castle
  • Church of Saints Simon and Helena
  • Navahrudak Castle
  • Dynama Stadium
  • Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
  • Kalozha Church
  • Belarusian National History and Culture Museum
  • New Hrodna Castle
  • Brest Railway Museum
  • Tower of Kamyanyets


Ideal time to visit Belarus:

From May to September is the best time to trip Belarus.


Where to stay in Belarus?

Belarus is renowned for rich culture, history as well as upgraded hospitality industry with grand features. Most of the reputed luxury hotels of Belarus are located in the capital city, Minsk. The prominent hotels in Belarus (Minsk) are as follows:

  • Victoria Hotel & Business Centre
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Aparthotel Comfort
  • Hotel Europe
  • President Hotel Minsk
  • 40 Let Pobedy
  • U Fontana Hotel
  • Mini-Hotel La Menska
  • Holiday Village Syabry
  • Guest House Spa
  • Best Minsk Hostel
  • Apartments Anjel
  • Hostel Jazz Minsk
  • Aparton Business Week
  • Center Rent Apartments
  • Troitskoye Rental Apartments

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