Best Tourist Places to Visit in Navapolatsk, Belarus, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Navapolatsk, Belarus, Europe

Navapolatsk is a city belonging to the Vitsebsk Province in Belarus, situated around 14 km from the Polotsk city and 230 km from Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Navapolatsk is a well planned city housing numerous factories, the Polotsk State University, around fifteen secondary schools and many play homes.


Geography of Navapolatsk:

Navapolatsk is geographically positioned between 55°32′ N latitude and 28°39′ E longitude at an elevation of 133 meters above sea level.


History of Navapolatsk:

The literal meaning Navapolatsk is ‘New Polatsk’ as it was earlier part of Polotsk city and bifurcated from the Polotsk city in 1958.


How to reach Navapolatsk?

Navapolatsk is catered by Polotsk Airport located around 25 km away from the centre of Navapolatsk with domestic connectivity.

It is advised for international tourists to reach Minks Airport (around 275 km from Navapolatsk) first and then tourists can reach Navapolatsk by bus or train from Minsk.

Polotsk has direct trains from and to Minsk, Vitebsk, Vilnius, Riga and there are regular buses available from the Polotsk Railway Station to Navapolatsk.

Buses are also frequent between Polotsk and Navapolatsk and many other cities of Belarus.

For local travel, visitors can choose bus or minibus or rental cars.


Food and Shopping in Navapolatsk:

There are all the types of shops in Navapolatsk including electrical and electronic, perfume, clothes, shoes and traditional handicrafts. Traditional clothes are relatively cheaper in Navapolatsk compared to other cities of Belarus.

The prominent food corners in and around Navapolatsk include:

  • Damian
  • Gubernskiy Traktir Restaurant
  • The Golden Lion
  • Ljubimy Gorod
  • Zolotoy Drakon


Things to do in Navapolatsk:

  • Visiting Churches
  • Visiting Museums
  • Walking
  • Shopping
  • Internet cafe


Places to see in Navapolatsk:

The Cathedral of Saint Sophia in Polotsk:

The Cathedral of Saint Sophia is located in Polotsk, about 14 km away from Navapolatsk, constructed during the middle of the 11 century and restored during the Baroque period by Johann Christoph Glaubitz.


Transfiguration Church:

Situated in Polotsk, Transfiguration Church is one of the well preserved historical structures in Belarus dating back to Russian Empire in Belarus.


Museum of Belarusian Printing:

Museum of Belarusian Printing features several 16th century printing editions including the works of Francysk Skaryna who was the first Belarusian printer and was the first person to print the Bible in an East Slavic language. Francysk Skaryna was also a renowned son of Polotsk.


Museum of Traditional Weaving:

Museum of Traditional Weaving is an ideal place to learn about the regional traditional weaving method.


List of other places of interest in and around Navapolatsk include:

  • Saint Euphrosyne Monastery
  • City Hall (Ratusha)
  • Marc Chagall Home
  • Berezina Biosphere Reserve
  • Braslau Lakes National Park
  • Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk
  • Repin’s country house in Zdrawneva
  • Uspensky Cathedral
  • Lyalka Belarusian Theatre
  • Marc Chagall Art Center
  • Saint-Efrosinya Monastery
  • Jewish Cemetery
  • Lyalka Belarusian Theatre
  • The Polotsk State University


Ideal time to visit Navapolatsk:

Navapolatsk can be visited throughout the year, especially the ending months of the year are ideal.


Accommodation options in Navapolatsk:

Navapolatsk houses fewer reputed hotels and it is suggested for tourists to reach neighboring Polotsk (around 14 km) and Vitebsk (35 km) for more facilitated hotels with nice upgraded services. The major hotels in Navapolatsk, Polotsk and Vitebsk are listed below:

  • Hotel Dvina
  • Oxotniy Dvor Lodge
  • Kentavr Hotel
  • Hotel NAFTAN
  • Luchesa Hotel
  • Hotel Eridan
  • Vetraz
  • Vitebsk Hotel
  • Gubernsky Hotel
  • Mini Hotel Zoloty Telenok
  • Hostel H.O.
  • Orsha Hotel
  • Strusto Tourist Center

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