Best Tourist Places to Visit in Limbazi, Latvia, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Limbazi, Latvia, Europe

Limbazi is a town belonging to the region of Vidzeme in northern Latvia, situated about 90 km northeast of Riga, the capital of Riga. It is the home town of the composer of the Latvian national anthem, Karlis Baumanis. Limbazi is well known for its historical sites.


Geography of Limbazi:

Limbazi coordinates with 57°31′ N latitude and 24°43′ E longitude covering an area of 9.021 sq. km.


History of Limbazi:

Limbazi was earlier part of Metsepole as a Livonian settlement with name Lemisele. Later Bishop Albert and the Teutonic knights occupied Limbazi along with other settlements of Metsepole and constructed a castle where the new settlement originated around the castle under the name Lemsahl.

The present name Limbazi may be derived in the 17th century. Limbazi connected to Riga through railway line in 1934 and there was a 50-bed hospital inaugurated in Limbazi in the year 1936.


How to reach Limbazi?

Limbazi is served by Riga International Airport which is situated around 100 km away from Limbazi and handles flights to and from the major European cities such as Istanbul, New York, London, Moscow, Minsk, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Voronezh, Milan and other prominent cities in Europe.

Limbazi is connected to Riga by both railway and roadway and also tourists can hire taxi or use pre-booked vehicles for comfort airport travel.

The town of Limbazi houses many travel agencies offering car and bikes for local travel and sightseeing. Advance booking is preferred.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Limbazi:

The famous composer Kārlis Baumanis resided and worked in the town of Limbazi. There are few museums in Limbazi describing the history and culture of the town.

Limbazi houses few upgraded food corners and shopping centers, so it is advised for tourists to reach neighboring cities.


Things to do in Limbazi:

  • Boating
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling


Places to see in Limbazi:

Karlis Baumanis Monument:

The monument of Karlis Baumanis was erected in the honor of the famous Latvian composer, Latvian composer who was specially noted for his work of compose of the Latvian national anthem.


Limbazi Museum of History:

The Limbazi Museum of History is a best place to know the complete history of the Limbazi including several war details.


Limbazi old town:

The Limbazi old town houses historically important stone walls.


“Svētais Jānis” Lutheran Church:

The “Svētais Jānis” Lutheran Church is one of the major religious sites in Limbazi renowned for its holiness and historical significance.


Limbažu Lielezers:

The Limbažu Lielezers or Lake Limbaži is a beautiful lake attracting tourists for its different water sport activities including boating.


List of other places of interest in Limbazi includes:

  • The Archbishop castle ruins
  • Livonian hill-fort
  • Grave of Kārlis Baumanis
  • The National Olympic Training Center
  • Turaida Castle
  • Cesis Medlieval Castle
  • Gauja National Park
  • Mezakakis Adventure Park
  • Bobsleigh, Sigulda
  • Lacites – Recreation Centre
  • Saulkrasti Bicycle Museum
  • Nature Museum Environment Labyrinth
  • John’s Church
  • Ogre History and Art Museum
  • Knights of the Sword Castle
  • Dendrological Park Lazdukalni


Best time to visit Limbazi:

Between June and October will be the best time to travel Limbazi while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation options in Limbazi:

Limbazi is a picturesque town but houses few modernized accommodation centers, so tourists can reach neighboring Sigulda town for more facilitated hotels. Some of the best hotels in and around Limbazi are listed here below:

  • Birnu Palace
  • Baltvilla Viesnica Hotel
  • Hotel Wolmar
  • Dikli Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Ezerkrasts
  • Kolonna Hotel Cesis
  • Hotel Naktsmajas
  • Vecgulbenes Muiza
  • Ferienhaus Ziedu Gravas
  • Ferienhaus Smilteni
  • Annas Hotel
  • Marcienas Muiza & Spa
  • Hostel Kaku Maja
  • Kosisi Guest House
  • Parks Guest House

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