Salaspils Tourist Places to Visit in Salaspils, Latvia, Europe

Salaspils Tourist Places to Visit in Salaspils, Latvia, Europe

Salaspils is a town as well as the administrative centre of the Salaspils municipality in Latvia. It is situated between 56°52′ N latitude and 24°21′ E longitude, around 18 kms south-east of the Riga city. Salaspils is renowned for its historical sites and botanical gardens.


Geography of Salaspils:

Located on the northern bank of the River Daugava, Salaspils is spread over an area of 12 sq. km.


History of Salaspils:

According to the findings of 1964-1975’s archaeological excavations, Salaspils is considered as Latvia’s one of the oldest settlements. The name of Salaspils (island castle) may be received from the Mārtiņsala Island castle. Salaspils also witnessed the Battle of Kircholm which was fought between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Swedish forces.


How to reach Salaspils?

Salaspils is served by the Riga International Airport which is situated about 30 km away from Salaspils. There are taxis always available at the airport or tourists can use pre-booked vehicles for more comfort travel.


Salaspils is not directly connected to Riga by train, so tourists are needed to get down at Darzini and then take bus or rental vehicles to reach Salaspils.

Tourists can reach Salaspils from Riga directly by mini-buses. It is advised for tourists to hire a vehicle at Riga city to get around Salaspils town. Bicycles can be hired in Salaspils.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Salaspils:

Salaspils is historical town housing numerous historical landmarks, museums and colorful events.

There are food corners and shopping centers limited, on this point, tourists can reach neighboring Riga city for better shopping experience and hospitality services.


Things to do in Salaspils:

  • Shopping
  • Hiking
  • Visiting historical sites


Places to see in Salaspils:

The National Botanical Gardens:

Covering an area of 129 hectares, the National Botanical Gardens houses a great plant collection in the Baltic States and also home to an important arboretum. It is situated in the northern part of Salaspils and is allowed for tourists’ visit.


Russian Orthodox Chapel:

There is a Russian Orthodox Chapel in Salaspils attracting tourists for its holiness and nice construction.


The Battle of Kircholm monument:

There is a monument in Salaspils commemorating the Kircholm Battle, in which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth won over the Swedish forces.


Salaspils’s Mermorial:

The memorial of Salaspils is home to many statues and a museum.


Other places of interest near Salaspils include:

  • Nuclear Reactor
  • Latvian National Opera
  • Dzintari Forest Park
  • Alberta Iela
  • Musee Art Nouveau
  • The beach of Jurmala
  • Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum
  • Jugenda Stila Nami
  • Riga Town Hall Square
  • The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia
  • Nativity of Christ Cathedral
  • Freedom Monument
  • Great Choral Synagogue Memorial
  • Peter’s Church
  • Art Museum Riga Bourse


Best time to visit Salaspils:

The months between May and September are ideal to trip Salaspils.


Accommodation Options in Salaspils:

Due to its nearness with the national capital Riga, Salaspils receives thousands of tourists throughout the year. On this point, there are numerous hotels under construction and many others are under up gradation with the latest tourist favor facilities and services. Currently there are hotels less in number, so tourists can refer hotels of the Riga city (within 20 km). The major hotels in and around Salaspils include:

  • City Hotel Teater
  • Konventa Seta Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija
  • Radi un Draugi
  • Europa Royale Riga
  • Opera Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Avalon
  • Wellton Elefant Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Ridzene Hotel
  • Tallink Hotel Riga
  • Riverside Hotel
  • Old City Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Centra Riga
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Valdemars
  • Funky Hostel and Apartments

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