Places to Visit in Echternach, Luxembourg, Europe

Places to Visit in Echternach, Luxembourg, Europe

Echternach is one of the cities of Luxembourg belonging to the canton of Echternach. It is Luxembourg’s oldest town holding a population of about 4,610 people and is situated about 30 km away from Luxembourg City, the capital of Luxembourg.


Geography of Echternach:

Echternach is located close to the border of Germany and Luxembourg, in the eastern part of the country, covering an area of 20.49 sq. km. It measures a highest elevation of 393 meters and lowest elevation of 154 meters.


History of Echternach:

The recorded history of Echternach dates back to 698 when the Abbey of Echternach (monastery) was founded by St. Willibrord, Northumbrian missionary saint. In the following years of Abbey’s constriction, the town of Echternach grew around the Abbey.


How to reach Echternach?

As like other Luxembourgian cities, Echternach is served by the Luxembourg Findel Airport which operates flights from and to London, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Zürich, Istanbul and other major European cities.

Echternach can be reached from Luxembourgian City through bus lines 111 and 110, taking one hour. There are many travel agencies in Luxembourgian City offering rental bikes and vehicles to reach Echternach with valid identity proof and advance.

Echternach is a small town move all around by walk or rental vehicles.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Echternach:

Echternach is the site of the Echternach Music Festival which is organized in May and June every year. There is also a jazz festival celebrated in Echternach in September and October.

Tourists can buy a typical traditional sweet, called Macarons mous in Echternach. The major restaurants in Echternach include:

  • La Grappe d’Or
  • Brasserie Grimougi
  • le petit poete
  • Nonnemillen


Things to do in Echternach:

  • Watching movie at Cine Sura
  • Visiting historical sites and museum


Places to visit in Echternach:

Abbey of Echternach:

The Abbey of Echternach is a highlight of Echternach, founded in the 7th century by a Northumbrian missionary saint, St Willibrord. This Benedictine monastery is now one of the focal points of tourists in Luxembourg. It also has a great link with annual dancing possession of Echternach.


Prehistory Museum:

The Prehistory Museum or Musée de la préhistoire is housed in the 15th century Hihof building in the heart of Echternach town. It describes around million years of mankind history with a great collection of prehistoric artifacts.


The Roman Villa:

There is a Roman villa in Echternach in ruined condition; around 20 minutes walk from the heart of Echternach. It is an interesting site.


Other places of interest in and around Echternach include:

  • The town square
  • An artificial lake
  • The parish church of St Peter and Paul
  • Statue of St Willibrord at Echternach
  • World War II Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial
  • Place Guillaume
  • Pétrusse Casemates
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • Eglise St. Michel Church
  • Cathedrale de Notre Dame
  • Luxembourg City History Museum
  • Fort Thüngen
  • Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge
  • Cemetery for German soldiers
  • Monument of the Millennium


Best time to visit Echternach:

Echternach can be visited throughout the year; especially from November to March will be ideal.


Accommodation Options in Echternach:

Echternach is famous for its historical sites, festival celebrations and natural tourist attractions as well as upgraded accommodation centres with tourist favor amenities. Here are the some nice hotels in Echternach:

  • Hostellerie de la Basilique
  • Hotel Au Vieux Moulin
  • Hotel le Pavillon
  • Le Petit Poete
  • Hotel Bel Air Romantik & Spa
  • Hotel Eden au Lac
  • Hotel Aigle Noir
  • Hotel de la Sure
  • Hotel du Commerce
  • Hotel des Ardennes
  • Family Meyer-Ernzen
  • Le Postillon Hotel
  • Grand Hotel
  • Youth Hostel Echternach
  • Hotel Ristorante Puccini

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