Tourist Places to Visit in Luxembourg, Belgium, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Luxembourg, Belgium, Europe

Luxembourg is situated towards the southern part of the Wallonia region in Belgium and shares the border with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, France and Arlon is the capital of the province, spans over an area of 1,715 square miles (4,443 square kilometers). Luxembourg is the largest province with little population and divided into 5 administrative districts and 44 municipalities and French is the main language spoken throughout the province and native language is understood by few populaces in the provinces.

Luxembourg is situated at the distance of 150 kilometers from Brussels, the capital of Belgium and coordinates of Luxembourg is 49.9167° N, 5.4167° E.


Interesting Fact about Luxembourg:

Luxembourg was the part of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and was alienated from the country in the year 1839, by the Third Partition of Luxembourg after the Belgium Revolution and dwellings of Luxembourg are Francophone. The province is the hub to the historical monuments and landscapes visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and Arlon city is the administrative center of the province, Bastogne is known for its Battle of the Bulge, Bouillon City is the hub to renowned crusader and well-preserved castle and Orval town is known for its charming Trappist abbey.


Tourism in Luxembourg:

Saint Donat’s Church:

Saint Donat’s church is situated on the top of the Knipchen Mountain in Arlon city is the place where Waleran I of Limburg constructed the fort and Capuchin monks constructed their convent.


Castle of Bouillon:

Castle of Bouillon is situated in Bouillon town on the tip of the mountain overlooking the Semois River dating back to 1050 and the Prince-bishops of Liege owned the castle for more than 600 years until the year 1678, is must visit palace in the province.


Topiary Park:

Topiary Park is placed in Durbuy city is one the main attractions in the city, has a collection of more than 250 sculpted buxus and some of the specimens are more than 100 years old and the park is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.


Places to see in and around Luxembourg:

  • Durbuy
  • Weris
  • Godgery of Bouillon
  • La Roche-en-Ardenne
  • Marche-en-Famenne
  • Redu and Euro Space Center
  • Bastogne
  • Recogne Bison Farm
  • American Memorial
  • Historical Center in Bastogne
  • Gaspard Museum
  • Lace Museum
  • Remacle’s Church
  • Gallo-Roman Wall


Climate in Luxembourg:

Luxembourg province is served by humid temperate climate with warm summer and cool winter and best time to visit is from June to October.


Transportation to Luxembourg:

Luxembourg has four major commercial airports by name Sterpenich Airport, Michamps Airport, Mogimont Airport and Saint-Hubert Airport, all these airports handles domestic and international flights in the Europe and has extensive road and rail transportation in the country connecting to all the parts of the country and to neighboring countries as well. European Highway 25, 441 and 45 passes through the city connecting to Luxemburg city in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Accommodation in Luxembourg:

Hotels in Luxembourg offer guests with outstanding services and facilities and rooms have been purposeful with comfort in mind and offers convenient and modish boutique hotel offers special service and modern accommodations with facilities like state-of-the-art meeting center, luxurious guestrooms, complimentary wireless Internet access in each room as well as the lobby, free parking, flat-screen TVs, swimming pools and family friendly. Hotels in Luxembourg are listed here below:

  • Auberge D’Alsace Hotel De France
  • A L’Oree Du Bois
  • Du Val De Poix Hotel Poix
  • Le Luxembourg La Provence Chez Jeannot
  • Beau Séjour
  • La Ferronnière
  • Best Western Hotel Melba
  • Sanglier Des Ardennes
  • Hotel La Librairie
  • Tropical Hotel
  • Le Petit Somme
  • Jean de Bohême

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