Deva Tourist Places to Visit in Deva, Romania, Europe

Deva Tourist Places to Visit in Deva, Romania, Europe

Deva is situated in central west part of Romania and the capital of the Hunedoara County. The economy of the Deva city depends on automotive, commerce, construction and power industries and there are many education institutions in the city and tourism is also one of the main industries in the city. Deva spans an area of 34 square kilometers (13 square miles) and placed at normal elevation of 187 meters (614 feet) above the sea level.

Deva is bounded by Orastie, Bacia, Hunedoara, Ghelari, Ohaba, Ilia, Baita, Certeju de Sus and Hateg and Bucharest, capital of Romania is situated at the distance of 400 kilometer from Deva. Coordinates of Deva are 45.8781° N, 22.9144° E.


History of Deva:

Deva was recognized in 1296, after the construction of the royal castle but the region was moderately destroyed by the Ottoman Turks in the year 1550. Roman Catholic Bulgarian merchants established the colonies in the city and later population of the city grew gradually.


Tourism in Deva:

Deva Fortress Hill:

Deva Fortress Hill is situated just 2 kilometers from centre of the city is the best preserved castle in the city and lies top of the hill at an elevation of 371 meters and slops of the hills are covered by rich vegetation and from top of the hill, one can sight panoramic view of the surrounding areas.


Franciscan Monastery:

Franciscan Monastery is one of the fascinating monasteries in Deva city and placed at the distance of 3 kilometers and the monastery was constructed in the 18th century in Baroque style from stone and brick and with unique interiors.


Saint Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral:

Saint Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral is the renowned church in the city constructed in the year 1861 and later renovated in 1927 and the church was painted in Byzantine style and visited by devotees from neighboring parts of the city.


Bejan Forest:

Bejan Forest is situated at the distance of 7 kilometers from center of the city is a reserve forest spread around 103 hectares and has plenty of oak trees and the forest is provided with recreational area, cottages, athletic fields and ground for children.


Interesting places to visit in Deva:

  • Deva Printing Museum
  • Old Orthodox Church Tower
  • Statue of Emperor Trajan
  • Statue of Mihai Eminescu
  • Synagogue
  • Reformed Church
  • Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral,
  • Old Orthodox Church Tower
  • Dacian and Roman Civilization Museum


Best time to visit Deva:

Deva is served by humid continental climate with hot summer from May to September and cold winter from November to March and best time to visit Deva is from March to October.


How to reach Deva?

By Train:

Deva is well connected through railways and the trains are available to international destinations like Vienna, Prague, and Budapest and daily trains are available from Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, and Brasov cities.


By Road:

Road is the best way to reach Deva city and along the way to Deva city one can see breathtaking valley and landscapes and buses are available from Deva Bus Station to major cities in Romania and to neighboring countries.


Hotels in Deva:

Deva is surrounded by mountain valley that offers breathtaking sites to visit in the city and hotels are perfectly designed for the cozy and chic of the holiday makers to relax in the rooms and make their journey memorable. Deva hotels are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities like air conditioning, TV satellite, hair dryer, minibar, room service, private parking, safe, fax, photocopier, Internet and cuisines are provided to customers at extra cost and hotel rooms in Deva will cost from $ 25 to $ 40 and above per day. List of some renowned hotels in Deva are as follows:

  • Sarmis Hotel
  • Motel Maestro
  • Hotel Davos
  • Pension Eva
  • Motel DHS
  • Pensiunea Caro
  • Pensiunea Diana
  • Villa Venus Hotel
  • Vila Dolce Vita
  • Vila Gorunul
  • Casa Lui Craciun
  • Arsenal Park Transilvania
  • Pensiune Turistica Jorja

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