Pula Tourist Places to Visit in Pula, Croatia, Europe

Pula Tourist Places to Visit in Pula, Croatia, Europe

Pula is placed at the southern tip of Istria peninsula in Istria County in Croatia country and the city is known for preserved natural beauty, pleasant climate and smooth sea. Pula economy is based on traditional winemaking, shipbuilding, non metal, and fishing and tourism industries and spans over an area of 51.65 square kilometers (19.94 square miles) and positioned at an elevation of 30 meters (100 feet) above the sea level.

Pula is surrounded by Banjole, Medulin, Premantura, Vodnjan, Peroj, Fazana, Marcana and Valtura and situated at the distance of 270 kilometers from Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Coordinates of Pula are 44.8667° N, 13.8500° E.


History of Pula:

Pula has been inhabited since Neolithic era and human establishment have been found in the city and Romans captured the region in 177 BC and colonies were established in the city. After the fall of Roman Emperor, Pula came under the rule of Ostrogoths and later captured by Byzantine and Pula port became one of the prominent ports under the rule of Byzantine Emperor. In 1331, Pula was ruled by Venetians until the year 1797 and after 1805, the city was captured by French army. And during the First World War the Pula city was attacked by German and captured the city in the year 1943. In the year 1947, city was the part of Socialist Republic of Croatia.


Tourist Attraction in Pula:


Amphitheatre is one of the largest and best preserved amphitheatres in the world and was constructed during the Roman rule in 1st century and locally known as Arena and summer film festival is still organized in the amphitheatre.


Arch of the Sergii:

Arch of the Sergii is situated just few kilometers from center of the city is a 1st century monument constructed by Raman emperor Augustus, is one of the must visit site in the city.


Porta Gemina:

Porta Gemina is situated at the distance of 1.5 kilometers in Pula city is also known as Twin Gates is the oldest gates dates back to 2nd century is one of the few remaining gates in the city.


Church of St. Francis:

Church of St. Francis is one of the oldest cathedrals in the city constructed in 13th century and built in Romanesque style known for its architectural design.


Other Places to Visit in Pula:

  • Triumphal Arch
  • Gate of Hercules
  • Augustan Forum
  • Temple of Roma
  • Roman Theatres
  • Byzantine chapel of St. Mary Formosa
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas
  • Star-shaped castle
  • Archaeological Museum of Istria
  • Aquarium Pula is
  • Fort Bourguignon


Climate in Pula:

Pula is known for its mild climate, tame sea and unspoiled natural charm with pleasant climate throughout the year and best time to visit pula is from April to November.


Getting to Pula:

Pula is served by Pula Airport, positioned at the distance of 8 kilometers in Valtura town is one of the main airports in the country handling domestic and international flights and receives the flights from Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds-Bradford, Belfast, Manchester and East Midlands Airports. Bus services in the Pula city are used by majority of the populaces and Pula bus terminal is accessible with extensive network of local, domestic and international buses to many destinations. Ferry services are operated by private groups in the port of Pula to nearby islands and to Venice and the Trieste cities.


Accommodation in Pula:

Pula is renowned for its tourism sites and hospitality in the country and few hotels in the city are designed in Mediterranean style surrounded by shops, markets and renowned tourism destinations. Hotels in the Pula city are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities like TV, telephone, air conditioning, mini bar, a beautiful view, business center, room services, gym, fitness center, swimming pool and 24 hours reception and hotels in Pula cost from $ 15 to $ 250 and above per day. Some of the renowned hotels in Pula are as follows:

  • Park Plaza Histria Pula
  • Boutique Hotel Oasi
  • Downtown Apartments Pula
  • Apartments City Centre
  • Studios Castropola
  • Apartments Kandlerova Street
  • Hotel Centinera
  • Hotel Koral
  • Histria Hotel Pula
  • Amfiteatar Hotel
  • Hotel Valsabbion
  • Villa Feniks

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