Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Diksmuide, Belgium, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Diksmuide, Belgium, Europe

Diksmuide is positioned in the Flemish province in the region of West Flanders in Belgium and the city is a Belgian city and municipality. Diksmuide municipality is divided into 14 villages and covers an area of 57.68 square miles (149.40 square kilometers) and the economy of the city is depending on dairy farming and Diksmuide butter is renowned all over the country.

Diksmuide is situated at the distance of 130 kilometers from Brussels, capital of Belgium and bounded by Veurne, Nieuwpoort, Gistel, Eernegem, Ichtegem, Kortemark, Houthulst, Lo-Reninge, Alveringem, Gistel and Staden. Coordinates of Diksmuide are 51.0333° N, 2.8667° E.


History of Diksmuide:

Frankish settled in the region during 9th century near the river Yser and during 10th century church and market was established in the town and after 2 centuries wall war erected the towns to protect from the enemy and economy of the town was based on farming and dairy products. Diksmuide was exaggerated by the French Revolution during the 15th century and war between Netherlands, France, Spain, and Austria were fought in the town. During the First World War, German army entered the town and was first attacked in the year 1914, by the end of the war the town was destroyed but later reconstructed in the year 1920.


Attractions in Diksmuide:

30-bell Carillon:

30-bell Carillon is situated in the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the several belfries of Belgium and France visited by tourists from all over the Europe continent.


Saint Nicolas Church:

Saint Nicolas Church is located few kilometers away from center of the city is one of the renowned churches in the city but was destroyed during the First World War and later reconstructed after the World War I in the Gothic method.


Places to see in Diksmuide:

  • City Hall
  • Trench of Death
  • Peace Monument
  • Vladslo German War Cemetery


Climate in Diksmuide:

Diksmuide faces an oceanic climate with pleasant climate during summer season and chilled climate during winter season and best time to visit Diksmuide is from June to October.


Transportation to Diksmuide:

By Air:

Ostend-Bruges International Airport is the nearest international airport to Diksmuide city located at the distance of 30 kilometers from heart of the city handles domestic and international flights to major cities in Europe and from airport tourists can board regular buses to travel within the city.


By Road:

Diksmuide is renowned for its historical sites and National Highways 35, 319, 301, 367, and 302 links the city from distinct parts of the country and city receives buses from neighboring cities like Ostend, Bruges, Veurne, Popernge, Kortrijk and Brussels frequently.


By Train:

Railway line passes through the city connecting to all the major cities in the country and daily train from Ostend, Bruges, Popernge, Veurne and Kortrijk will operate to Diksmuide city.


Accommodation in Diksmuide:

Diksmuide has excellent staying accommodation facilities and hotels are designed for the comfort and stay in the hotels remains unforgettable, utterly pampering and generous, and hotel rooms are exceed ones wildest dreams and hotels in the city offers amenities like Wi-Fi Internet connection, 24-hour room service, lounge bar, fitness room, sauna, massage facilities on request, banqueting or conference rooms prepared with modern conveniences and wide range of tourist services available at the reception desk. List of few hotels in the town are as follows:

  • De Groote Waere
  • Vakantiehuis Juliette
  • B&B Anna Grace
  • Best Western Hotel Pax
  • Hotel De Vrede
  • Notarishuys ‘Pure Hotel’
  • B&B Pastorie van Merkem
  • Main Street Hotel
  • Hotel Ambassadeur
  • City Partner Hotel Ter Streep
  • Hotel Ter Zuidhoek
  • Hotel De Hofkamers
  • Hotel Fleur de Lys

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