Best Tourist Places to Visit in Liechtenstein, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Liechtenstein, Europe

Liechtenstein is a landlocked country which shares its borders with Austria and Switzerland. Vaduz is the capital and Schaan is the largest city of the country. Its leading position in the development indicating factors like GDP, PPP and quality of living are making Liechtenstein as one of the prosperous countries in the world. Another interesting fact about Liechtenstein is its human population is around 35,000 only.

Liechtenstein is one of the member countries of the European Economic Area, the European Free Trade Association and the Schengen Area. German is the official language and Swiss franc is the currency of Liechtenstein.


Geography of Liechtenstein:

Located in Central Europe, Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world with an area of 160 sq. km.

Top five cities of Liechtenstein are:

  • Vaduz
  • Balzers
  • Malbun
  • Schaan
  • Triesen


History of Liechtenstein:

It is believed that, Liechtenstein derives its name from the Castle Liechtenste in Austria. The history of Liechtenstein dates back to 1815 when it became a part of the German Confederation and finally in 1866, Liechtenstein carved out from the German Confederation becoming an independent country. It is generally called as a principality instead of country because of its status of constitutional monarchy.


How to reach Liechtenstein?

There is no airport in Liechtenstein because of its small size, so the convenient options to reach Liechtenstein is reaching Zurich Airport in Switzerland or Friedrichshafen Airport in Germany first and then take taxi or bus from there to Liechtenstein.

The above airports are located around 120 km and 90 km away from Vaduz, the capital city of Liechtenstein respectively.

Compared to the Friedrichshafen Airport, the Zurich Airport has wide connections all around Europe and few American and Asian cities as well.

Public transportation in Liechtenstein is operated by LBA.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Liechtenstein:

An Alemannic dialect of German is a widely spoken language all around Liechtenstein and the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is most important and largest cultural centre in Liechtenstein.

There are upgraded shops and restaurants abundant and McDonald’s restaurant is very popular among the local youths.


Places to see in Liechtenstein:

Vaduz Castle:

Vaduz Castle is citadel as well as the official house of the Prince of Liechtenstein. It is not allowed for the public or tourists but visitors can glimpse the beauty of castle from the outside.


Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein:

The Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts or Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein was constructed in 2000, designed by the architects Heinrich Degelo, Christian Kerez and Meinrad Morger. It is devoted to Vaduz’s modern and contemporary art.


Liechtenstein National Museum:

Centering on the history of Liechtenstein, the Liechtenstein National Museum is located in the capital city, Vaduz. It was founded in the end of the 19th Century.


Other places of interest in Liechtenstein include:

  • Drei Schwestern
  • Gutenberg Castle
  • Galinakopf
  • Augstenberg
  • Rotspitz
  • Meng
  • Russian Monument
  • Spitz
  • Gorfion
  • Alpspitz
  • Ochsenkopf
  • Vaduz Cathedral


Best time to visit Liechtenstein:

From May to October (sightseeing and hiking) and December to March (winter sports) will be the ideal time to trip scenic Liechtenstein.


Accommodation Options in Liechtenstein:

Liechtenstein is home to many upgraded accommodation centers with world class facilities and services such as conference room, arrangement of vehicle, 24 hour room service and help desk, food on request, spa and sauna. Here are the lists of hotels located in the cities of Vaduz, Triesen and Schaan in Liechtenstein:



  • Residence Hotel
  • Parkhotel Sonnenhof
  • Landhaus am Giessen
  • Haus Real
  • Landgasthof Muehle
  • Landgasthof Au
  • Gasthof Loewen



  • Hotel Schatzmann
  • Hotel Restaurant Meierhof
  • Hotel Garni Saega
  • Camping Mittagsspitze



  • Hotel Linde
  • Hotel Sylva
  • Hotel Schaanerhof


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