Vaduz Tourist Places to Visit in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Europe

Vaduz Tourist Places to Visit in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Europe

Vaduz is the capital city of the Liechtenstein principality in Central Europe geographically positioned at 47.141° N 9.521° E. It is the seat of Liechtenstein’s Parliament renowned for its historical sites including cathedrals and castles, museums, and cultural activities.


Geography of Vaduz:

Vaduz is a scenic city located on the banks of the river Rhine, around 455 above sea level and spans over an area of 17.3 sq. km.


History of Vaduz:

Vaduz was earlier called as Farduzes, according to the 12th-century manuscripts. It is believed that, Vaduz was originally founded by the Counts of Werdenberg in the 1320s with the constriction of castle. Later in 1499, Vaduz was destroyed along with the castle during the Swabian War by the Swiss. Later during the 17th century, Vaduz was re-founded by the local royal family called, the Liechtenstein family.


How to reach Vaduz?

Vaduz has no airport and the closest airport to Vaduz is Friedrichshafen Airport in Germany, located about 90 km away from the heart of the Vaduz city. Another major nearest airport to Vaduz is reaching Zurich Airport which is situated in Switzerland, around 120 km away from the city of Vaduz.

Vaduz is connected to both of the above airports by regular bus services. LBA is the bus operator in Liechtenstein including Vaduz providing comfortable journey. In addition, rental cars are useful for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Vaduz:

Vaduz houses many renowned museums with sufficient information on the local culture, tradition, history and festivals of which Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is the major one centered on the modern and contemporary art.

Swiss Franc is a currency used in Vaduz, and t-shirts, sports clothes, and cuckoo clocks are purchasable items in Vaduz.

The reputed restaurants with large menu are listed below:

  • Gasthof Lowen
  • Restaurant Torkel
  • Parkhotel Sonnenhof
  • Vanini Cafe Bar
  • Ristorante Cesare


Things to do in Vaduz:

  • Visiting museums and castles
  • Festival celebrations
  • Shopping
  • Hiking


Tourist Attractions in Vaduz:

Art Museum ‘KunstMuseem’:

The Art Museum ‘KunstMuseem’ is the most important museum in Vaduz featuring significant art collection on the ground floor and on the first floor, the modern exhibitions take place. It is a must see.



The Liechtenstein National Museum or Landesmuseum holds the history of Liechtenstein, located in the heart of Vaduz city. Another important museum in Vaduz is Postmuseum which is located in the vicinity of Landesmuseum showcasing the history of Liechtenstein.


The Prince’s Wine Collection:

The Prince’s Wine Collection is a typical and interesting site, related to the prince of Liechtenstein, situated on the northern corner of the Vaduz city and it takes 5 minute walk from the city centre.


Other places of interest in Vaduz include:

  • Vaduz Castle
  • Cathedral of St. Florin
  • City Hall
  • Government House
  • The National Art Gallery
  • Ski Museum
  • Drei Schwestern
  • Gutenberg Castle in Balzers
  • The Rural Lifestyle Museum
  • Churches in Triesen
  • The castle ruins of Schellenberg
  • The City Train in Vaduz
  • The Old Rhine Bridge Vaduz
  • The Benefice in Eschen


Best time to visit Vaduz:

Vaduz can be visited throughout the year, especially from May to October will be best to enjoy holidays in Vaduz.


Accommodation Options in Vaduz:

Vaduz is a pleasant city housing numerous upgraded hotels providing amazing facilities and services for tourists coming from the different regions of the world. Here are the some reputed hotels in and around Vaduz:

  • Landhaus am Giessen
  • Landgasthof Au
  • Residence Hotel
  • Haus Real
  • Parkhotel Sonnenhof
  • Landgasthof Muehle
  • Gasthof Loewen
  • Camping Mittagsspitze
  • Hotel Linde
  • Vogeli Alpenhotel Malbun
  • Hotel Restaurant Meierhof
  • Hotel Garni Saega
  • Hotel Oberland
  • Bergrestaurant Suecka
  • Berggasthaus Sucka

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