Best Tourist Places to Visit in Brabrand, Denmark, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Brabrand, Denmark, Europe

Brabrand is a town located near Aarhus city in Denmark between 56°09′ N latitude and 10°07′ E longitude, around 300 km northeast of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. There are two recreational centers, Brabrand So and Aarslev Engso located south of the town.

CityVest Shopping Mall is one of the major landmark as well as shopping centers in the Brabrand situated in the front of Gallerup suburb. Brabrand is also home to multinational company branches other than malls and parks.


History of Brabrand:

Brabrand was formed in the 18th century with the settlements of farmers and traders. It geared up towards development in recent years with the establishments of many retail stores and industries.


Connectivity to Brabrand:

Because of its position within the second largest city of Denmark, Aarhus, Brabrand has got good connectivity with all the regions of the country by bus, train and flight.

Brabrand is served by Tirstrup Airport which is situated about 55 kms away from the heart of Brabrand with scheduled flights to most of the major European cities including London, Manchester and Gothenburg.

There are taxis and bus always available at the airport to Brabrand and also tourists can rental car for comfort travel.

Buses charge around 80 DKK from the airport to Brabrand and taxi services are catered by Aarhus Taxa.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Brabrand:

There are many churches, entertainment centers and art galleries in and around Brabrand to visit.

Bilka in Brabrand is one of the largest shopping malls in Denmark and another shopping option is City vest. Brabrand also houses many modernized restaurants with a variety of traditional and international dishes and list of the major food corners in and around Brabrand include:

  • Bazar Ovnog Restaurant
  • Det Rustikke Landkokken
  • Restaurant Koch
  • Havnens Perle


Things to do in Brabrand:

  • Visit Lake
  • Offer Prayers at Churches
  • Visiting Parks


What to see in Brabrand?

Brabrand Lake:

Brabrand Lake is an oblong-shaped lake situated few kilometers away from the city centre. It has a catchment area of 282 km² and surface area of 2.53 km² and the maximum depth of the lake is 2.7 meters. It is home to rare lathyrus species, common nightingales, white storks and rush species.

Brabrand Church:

The church in Brabrand is one of the identities of the town attracting tourists for its typical constriction and holiness. This white and red colored church is reachable by foot or vehicle from the city centre.


Bazar Vest:

Bazar Vest is a large shopping mall located in the Gellerup area of Brabrand. Other than shopping malls, there are many international companies branches and recreational centers in Gellerup.


List of other places of interest in Brabrand includes:

  • Skjoldhoj Kirke
  • Gellerup Kirke
  • Legelandet
  • Aarslev Engso
  • Aarslev Kirke
  • Aarhus Aadal
  • Brabrand Kirke
  • Moesgaard Museum
  • Arhus Domkirke
  • Vor Frue Kirke
  • Aarhus Universitet
  • Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium
  • Botanisk Have
  • Skejby Sygehus
  • Den Permanente


When to visit Brabrand?

The best time to trip Brabrand is during the months between July and October while the weather remains pleasant.


Where to stay in Brabrand?

Brabrand is a colorful town housing many well facilitated hotels and most of them are offered advance booking facility for tourist’s convenience through online. The major hotels in Brabrand are listed below:

  • Helnan Aarslev Hotel
  • Net B&B Danmark
  • Scandic Aarhus City
  • Helnan Marselis Hotel
  • Scandic Aarhus Vest
  • City Hotel Oasia Aarhus
  • Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel
  • Cabinn Hotel Aarhus
  • Scandic Plaza Aarhus
  • Karens Bed & Breakfast
  • First Hotel Atlantic
  • B & B Absalonsgade
  • Lene Beiers Bed & Breakfast
  • BEST WESTERN Hotel Ritz
  • Hotel Kong Christian DX

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