Places to Visit in Krivoy Rog (Kryvyi Rih), Ukraine, Europe

Places to Visit in Krivoy Rog (Kryvyi Rih), Ukraine, Europe

Kryvyi Rih is a city located in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (province) in Ukraine, around 145 km northeast of the provincial capital, Dnipropetrovsk and 415 km southeast of the national capital, Kiev. Kryvyi Rih is especially noted for its steel industry, as it is a globally recognized metallurgical center.


Geography of Kryvyi Rih:

Kryvyi Rih is situated at the confluence of the Inhulets River and the Saksahan River, at an elevation of 84 meters, between latitude 47°55′0″ in the north and longitude 33°15′0″ in the east. It spans over an area of 410 sq. km.


History of Kryvyi Rih:

The literal meaning of Kryvyi Rih in Ukrainian language is Crooked Horn. The Zaporozhian Cossacks were the founder of Kryvyi Rih, founded in 1775. Kryvyi Rih saw the significant industrial growth in the 1880s with the initiation mining activities.  Kryvyi Rih achieved city rights in 1919.


How to reach Kryvyi Rih?

Kryvyi Rih has an airport called Kryvyi Rih/Lozovatka International Airport, situated around 18 km away from the centre of Kryvyi Rih city. This airport operates scheduled flights to Kiev only, catered by Motor Sich Airlines. International tourists can reach Kiev airport first and then take flights to Kryvyi Rih Airport or use train or bus for inexpensive travel.

The common travel options like buses, minibuses, rental cars and bikes are useful for local travel, sightseeing and airport travel.


Culture and Food in Kryvyi Rih:

Kryvyi Rih is basically an industrial city but also it is rich in its culture with many sublime festival celebrations and as a home of many renowned artists, novelists and poets.

Some nice and reputed food corners in Kryvyi Rih include:

  • Yapi
  • Pizza Celentano
  • Paravoz
  • Kazachok


Things to do in Kryvyi Rih:

  • Strolling
  • Shopping
  • Day tours


Places to see in Kryvyi Rih:

Flower clock in Kryvyi Rih:

The flower clock in Kryvyi Rih is Europe’s one of the biggest flower clocks attracting tourists from all around Europe throughout the year.


City Hall:

The City Hall of Kryvyi Rih is one of the beautiful structures in the city where many grand events take place, including Christmas year round.


Boat station on the Saksagan River:

The Boat station on the Saksagan River can be reached through bridge from the city centre. One can enjoy a scenic beauty of the river and explore many more attractive and interesting things here.


List of other places of interest in and around Kryvyi Rih includes:

  • Maksyma Hor’koho square
  • The National Mining University
  • Taras Shevchenko Park
  • Globy Park
  • Lavina Amuzement Park
  • The Grand Hotel Ukraine
  • Karl Marx Prospect
  • Opera Night Club
  • The Dnipro Arena
  • Glinka Zaporozhzhye Regional Philharmonic Concert Hall
  • Hortitsa Island
  • Karla Marksa Prospekt
  • Lenin Monument
  • Dnipropetrovsk National University
  • The Transfiguration Cathedral


Best time to visit Kryvyi Rih:

Kryvyi Rih features a dry continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. The best time to travel Kryvyi Rih is during the months between April and September.


Where to stay in Kryvyi Rih?

Kryvyi Rih is a modernized city with upgraded infrastructure, pleasant environment and high quality of living. It is home to many standard accommodation centres with latest amenities including spa, vehicle arrangement, fitness centre, tennis court and Wi-Fi facility. The major hotels in and around Kryvyi Rih are as follows:

  • Reikartz Aurora Kriviy Rih
  • Saksagan Hotel
  • Druzhba Hotel
  • Accord Hotel Deluxe
  • Accord Hotel Business
  • Ukrainochka Hotel
  • Arena Hotel
  • Reikartz Dnipropetrovsk Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Ukraine
  • Axelhof Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Dnepropetrovsk
  • Tsunami SPA Hotel
  • Menorah Hotel
  • Hotel Viking
  • Grand Hotel European
  • Hotel Nadezhda

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