Forde Tourist Places to Visit in Forde, Norway, Europe

Forde Tourist Places to Visit in Forde, Norway, Europe

Forde town is placed in Sunnfjord district in the Sogn og Fjordane County in Norway covering an area of 586.01 square kilometers (226.26 square miles). Forde is a renowned municipality and administrative center in Sunnfjord district and a large industrial and commercial region in the district.

Forde is surrounded by Naustdal, Vassenden, Ardal, Eikefjord, Vadheim, Hoyanger and Sandane and located at the distance of 440 kilometers from Oslo, capital of Norway. Coordinates of Forde are 61.4431° N, 5.9036° E.


History of Forde:

Forde was a small town before gaining the reputation of municipality in the year 1838 and in the year 1896, the population of the region increased highly. The name Forde was derived from Forde farm due to the first Forde Church constructed in the region.


Must see in Forde:

Sunnfjord Museum:

Sunnfjord museum is placed at the distance of 11 kilometers from center of the town and the museum is the focal point in and around the Forde town that was constructed to show how life was on a farm and a croft in Sunnfjord and surrounding areas.



Halbrendsfossen is a waterfall located at the distance of about 4 kilometers from center of the town is one of the renowned waterfalls in Forde and tourists can view the powerful waterfall during the spring season and waterfall is visited by thousands of tourists around the world.


The Salmon:

The Salmon is located at the walk able distance from center of the town is a 213 feet (65 meters) extensive stone sculpture, the sculpture is considered as one of the longest individual sculptures in Norway.



Førdehuset is located in Angedalsvegen vicinity at the distance of around 1.5 kilometers from middle of the town is a renowned regional and cultural hub in the town that is surrounded by sports complex, amphitheatre and County Gallery.


Things to do in Forde:

  • Sunnfjord Skisenter Blomlia
  • Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum
  • Førdefestivalen


Best time to visit Forde:

Forde is served by polar tundra climate with summer seasons from June to September and winter season from November to March and best time to visit Forde is from June to September.


Connecting Forde:

By Air:

Forde is served by Førde Airport located at the distance of 16 kilometers in Bringeland vicinity is small domestic airport caters regular domestic flights to and from Oslo and Bergen and from airport one can board bus to reach the town.


By Road:

National Highway E39 passes through the city connecting to some of the major cities in the country and express buses are available from Oslo, Bergen and other cities. One can get around the town by foot or can hire car.


Accommodation in Forde:

Hotels in Forde offer guests with outstanding services and facilities and rooms have been purposeful with comfort in mind and chic boutique hotel offers extraordinary service and modern accommodations with facilities like luxurious guestrooms, complimentary wireless Internet access in each room as well as the lobby, free parking, flat-screen TVs, swimming pools and family friendly and rooms in Forde will cost from $ 35 to $ 450 and above per day. Hotels in Forde are listed below:

  • Quality Hotel Forde
  • Jølstraholmen Camping og Hytter
  • Rica Sunnfjord Hotel
  • Førde Vandrerhjem
  • Førde Sommarhotell
  • Efinor Apartments Førde
  • Sande Hotel
  • Hov Hyttegrend

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