Tourist Places to Visit in Namsos, Norway, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Namsos, Norway, Europe

Namsos is located in the north western part of Norway in Namdalen district in the county of Nord-Trondelag. Namsos is surrounded by mountains and ocean which makes the region one of the pleasant and charming towns to visit in Norway and spans over an area of 777.89 square kilometers (300.35 square miles).

Namsos municipality consists of Bangsund, Klinga, Ramsvika, Skomsvoll and Spillum villages and situated around 685 kilometers from Oslo, capital of Norway and the economy of the town is mainly based on farming, fishing and local business. Namsos geographical coordinates are 64.4939° N, 11.5117° E.


History of Namsos:

Namsos was founded on the banks of River Namsen in the year 1846 and in the year 1865, the town became home to parish in the church of Norway. Namsos town saw many ups and downs from the 1882 to 1964 and population also fluctuated between these years. Majority of the houses in the town were constructed of wood and these houses were burned to ground several times from 1872 to 1940. Later the town became home to numerous sawmills due to the large forests along the river.


Must See Attractions in and around Namsos:

Namsen Salmon Aquarium:

Namsen Salmon Aquarium is located around 60 kilometers from Namsos town in Fiskumfoss vicinity and the museum is located on the banks of River Namsen and it showcases some of the rare fishes in the country and the museum is open during summer seasons.


Rock City:

Rock City is one of the renowned buildings in Namsos town is a cultural building inaugurated by the Minister of Cultural Anniken Huitfeld in the year 2011 and is must visit building in the town located less than a kilometer distance from middle of the town.


Salmon Fishing:

Salmon Fishing is the main attraction in the town along the Salmon River visited by number of tourists from around the world and one can find different kinds of fishes in the river.


Things to do in Namsos:

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Boating
  • Picnic
  • Water sports


Best time to visit Namsos:

Namsos experiences summer season from June to September which is the best time to visit the town and winter season is from November to March and during these months temperature will fall below -5° Celsius.


Connectivity to Namsos:

Namsos is served by Namsos Airport is a regional airport placed along the Namsos River at the distance of 4 kilometers from center of Namsos caters daily flights to cities like Mo I Rana, Mosjoen, Rorvik and Trondheim and from airport bus and car facilities are accessible to Namsos town. Namsos is a small town that can be visited by foot and express buses are available from neighboring cities to Namsos town. Ferries are available to get around the town and ferries can be hired from major companies in the town.


Accommodation in Namsos:

Namsos is placed in Nord-Trondelag County in Norway is surrounded by chains of mountains and ocean visited by number of tourists for its natural beauty and charm and there are few guesthouses and hotels in the town and one can book the hotels well in advance prior reaching the town through tour operator or online booking to avoid last minute rush. Tourists can find both modern and traditional kinds of hotels with luxury and best amenities from $ 35 to $ 300 and above per day. Some of the renowned hotels in Namsos are listed below:

  • Tino’s Hotel
  • Rica Rock City Hotel
  • Botel Engen
  • Namsentunet
  • Overhalla Hotel
  • Hotel Vertshuset Grong
  • Kysthotellet Rorvik
  • Grong Gård Guesthouse
  • Børstad Hotel
  • Grong Vandrerhjem

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