Best Tourist Places to Visit in Austria, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Austria, Europe

Austria country is also called as Republic of Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Austria covers an area of 83,855 square kilometers (32,377 square miles) and the country is mountainous country situated in the Alps surrounded by Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Austria is divided into nine states by name Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Upper Austria, Vienna and Vorarlberg and Vienna city is the capital of the country and it is the 12th richest country in the world. Coordinates of Austria are 47.6000° N, 13.7833° E.

Bavarian is the main local language in the country and German is the standard and official language of the country followed by Hungarian, Burgenland Croatian, and Slovene.


History of Austria:

Austria was inhabited by numerous Celtic tribes before the invasion of Romans and ruled the region for nearly 400 years and after the fall of the Roman Empire, the country was ruled by Bavarians, Slavs and Avars. Later the region was captured by the Habsburgs dynasty and ruled for many years and later they captured majority parts of the country. Later captured by Napoleon, France, Germany and came in the hand of Austrian Empire.


Tourist Attractions in Austria:

Landskron Castle:

Landskron Castle is positioned at the distance of 7 kilometers from the Villach City is an old fort in Landkron town on the top of the hill, 680 meters above the sea level but the main part of the castle was devastated by fire in the 19th century but few parts of the castle still remains and from top of the castle tourists can view Villach city and valley of the Drau River.


Salzburg Fortress:

Salzburg Fortress is positioned in Salzburg city close to Monchsberg Mountain was constructed during the Roman time. The fort was constructed by Prince Archbishop Eberhard from 1060 to 1088, for the fortification of the royal army of Holy Roman Empire.


Belvedere Palace:

Belvedere Palace is positioned at the distance of 3 kilometers from Vienna city was constructed by the Prince Eugene of Savoy in the 3rd district of Vienna to the south east part of the city is bounded by parks and major gallery is located in the palace.


Cathedral of St. James:

Cathedral of St. James is placed in Innsbruck city, was reconstructed between 1717 and 1724 on the location of a previous Gothic Church based on the designs by the Baroque architect Johann Herkommer and the church is also renowned as Dom zu St. Jakob.


Interesting places to see in and around Austria:

  • Historic Centre and Schloss Eggenberg, Graz
  • Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape
  • Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape
  • Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg
  • Historic Centre of Vienna
  • Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn
  • Prehistoric Pile dwellings around the Alps
  • Semmering Railway
  • Wachau Cultural Landscape
  • Hochosterwitz Castle
  • Cathedral of Gurk
  • National Park “Hohe Tauern”


Weather in Austria:

Climate in the Austria is dominated by alpine climate in majority of the cities with warm summer and cold winters and during summer temperature is around mid 20 degrees and during winter season the climate will drop to -10 degrees and below.


Connectivity to Austria:

Austria is one of the busiest countries in the Europe and there are 6 major airports in the country namely Graz Airport, Innsbruck Airport, Klagenfurt Airport, Linz Airport, Salzburg Airport and Vienna International Airport and other airports in the country are not scheduled. Austria is connected through national and international highways from all the neighboring countries and receives international buses. To get around the country tourists can avail the bus, train, car, and flight services.


Accommodation in Austria:

Austria is historical city surrounded by mountain regions and visited by millions of tourists all through the year and hotels in the country are tradition as well as modern with all the world class facilities that excite the tourists to relax and enjoy the country provided with world class facilities and amenities to the tourists. List of the hotels in Austria are as below:

  • Holiday Inn Villach
  • Hotel Sacher Salzburg
  • Vienna Marriott Hotel
  • Schloss Prielau Hotel & Restaurant
  • Hotel Mercure Bregenz City
  • Amedia Hotel Graz
  • Austria Trend Hotel Congress
  • Harisch Hotel Weisses Roessl Kitzbuhel
  • Hotel Goldener Brunnen Klagenfurt
  • Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Linz
  • Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
  • Amadé Hotel Schaffenrath

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