Linz Tourist Places to Visit in Linz, Austria, Europe

Linz Tourist Places to Visit in Linz, Austria, Europe

Linz is a capital city of Upper Austria state situated in the north central part of Austria, is divided into 9 districts and 36 statistical quarters covering an area of 96.048 square kilometers (37.184 square miles) and situated at a normal elevation of 266 meters (873 feet) above the sea level. Linz is the 3rd largest city in the country and one of the foremost economic centers of Austria with number of industries and Voestalpine AG is the largest industry in the city.

Linz is surrounded by Traun, Pregarten, Enns, St Valentin, Bad Leonfelden, Perg, Wels and Tollet and Vienna, capital of Austria is situated at the distance of 485 kilometers from Linz city. Coordinates of Linz are 48.3031° N, 14.2906° E.


History of Linz:

Linz was established by Romans and named the region as Lentia that was the regional and government city of the Roman Empire. Johannes Kepler is the renowned resident of the city, who was the great mathematician in the city and spent major part of his life in teaching mathematics. Adolf Hitler is another major resident of Linz, who moved to the city from Braunau am Inn in his childhood and later in his life he introduced various companies in the city before Second World War.


Tourism in Linz:

Trinity Column:

Trinity Column is situated in the center of main square is one of the Austria’s most visited and attractive square, stands at the height of 20 meters and the construction was completed in the year 1723 and the column is bordered by the benefactor St. Sebastian, Florian and Carlo Borromeo.


Linz Castle:

Linz Castle is situated around 2 kilometers from center of the city on the banks of river constructed by Emperor Friedrich III, in the year 1477 is one of the must visit places in the country.


St. Martin’s Church:

St. Martin’s Church is placed at the distance of 2 kilometers from the middle of the city is one of the oldest churches in the country constructed in 799 but the church was rebuilt in the 11th century and tourists can enter the church with tour guide only.


Interesting places to see in and around Linz:

  • Military History Collection in Ebelsberg Castle
  • Bischofshof
  • Old Cathedral
  • Biology Center Dornach
  • Nordico – Museum of the City of Linz
  • Brucknerhaus
  • Gugl Stadium
  • Castle Museum Linz
  • Ars Electronica Center


Weather in Linz:

Climate in Linz is classified as summer and winter season with warm climate in summer from May to October and chilled and snowy winter from November to April and best time to visit Linz is from May to October.


Accessibility to Linz:

By Air:

Linz Airport or Blue Danube Airport is located at the distance of 13 kilometers from center of the Linz city is the main airport in the city caters with domestic and international flights to cities like Düsseldorf, Vienna, Frankfurt, Enfidha, Rhodes, Samos, Shannon, Sharm el Sheik, Tenerife-South and few other cities in the country.


By Train:

Railway connection in the city is operated by Austrian Federal Railways where tourists can view the details of trains and book the tickets and daily trains are available from Vienna and Salzburg cities and from other neighboring countries.


By Road:

Linz is well connected through national and state highways and one can find many government and private groups providing regular bus services to travel in and around the city.


Accommodation in Linz:

Linz is one of the prominent cities in the country visited by business and holidaymakers throughout the year and tourists can come across lots of hotels and rooms are equipped with grand-lit, non-smoking floors and room service, junior suites and Park suites as well as the rooms on the executive floor are in a superior location within the hotel and are luxuriously equipped.

Hotels in Linz cost from $ 40 to $ 200 and above per day with all the world class amenities and hospitality. List of hotels in Linz are as below:

  • Dom Hotel
  • Hotel Park Inn Linz
  • Hotel Prielmayerhof
  • Austria Trend Hotel Schillerpark
  • Landgraf Hotel & Loft
  • Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Linz
  • Hotel am Domplatz
  • Hotel Austria Classic Drei Mohren
  • Hotel Arcotel Nike
  • Harry’s Home Linz
  • Hotel Lokomotive
  • Hotel Mühlviertlerhof
  • Hotel Ibis Linz

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