Places to Visit in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria, Europe

Places to Visit in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria, Europe

Klagenfurt city is situated in the Carinthia state in Austria, covering an area of 120.11 square kilometers (46.37 square miles) and placed at an elevation of 446 meters (1,463 feet) above the sea level. Klagenfurt is placed in southern part of the country on the banks of River Worthersee and Glan and bounded by forests and mountains. The economy of the city mainly depends on industries situated in the city and there are more than 30 companies in the city and tourism industry also booming rapidly in the city with thousands of tourists visiting every year.

Klagenfurt is surrounded by Feldkirchen, Sankt Veit an der Glan, Vokermarkt, Ferlach, Velden am Worther See, Trzic, Jesenice, and Sankt Jakob im Rosental and located at the distance of 320 kilometers from Vienna, capital of Austria. Coordinates of Klagenfurt are 46.6167° N, 14.3000° E.


History of Klagenfurt:

Klagenfurt was established by Spanheim Duke Herman in the 12th century but the region flooded regularly but moved to present location in the year 1246. Emperor Maximilian I in the year 1518, re constructed the region and constructed the strongest fort in the north part of Alps. French army destroyed the city walls in the year 1809 and from the 19th century the city developed as major cultural city in the country after the establishment of missionary but in the year 1919, the region was captured by the Kingdom of Serbs. In the year 1945, British Army captured the city under the guidance of General McCreery.

Tourism in Klagenfurt:


Lindwurm is a historical town and main landmark of the country, the monument was built in the 16th century where the dragon was killed and the town is surrounded by lush greenery, best place to relax.


Reptilienzoo Happ:

Reptilienzoo Happ is located at the distance of 4 kilometers from Klagenfurt city is a small zoo but it is home to large and distinct number of reptiles and animals.


Robert Musil Literatur Museum:

Robert Musil Literatur Museum is positioned at the distance of 2 kilometers from center of the city is open from 10.00am to 5.00pm, is the residence of Robert Musil, a renowned writer in the country.


Interesting places to see in and around Klagenfurt:

  • Gustav Mahler Komponierhäuschen
  • Europapark
  • Minimundus
  • Ikea
  • Beachvolleyball Grand Slam
  • Klagenfurt’s Theater
  • Ironman Austria
  • Viktring Abbey
  • Hypo-Arena Football Stadium


Weather in Klagenfurt:

Klagenfurt experiences Continental climate with warm and chilled climate throughout the year and fog is covered during autumn and winter season and best time to visit Klagenfurt is from May to October.


Reaching Klagenfurt:

By Air:

Klagenfurt is served by Klagenfurt Airport located at the distance of 5 kilometers from heart of the city caters with domestic and international flights to cities like London, Berlin-Tegel, Köln – Bonn, Munich, Hamburg, Hannover, Dusseldorf and Vienna.


By Train:

Klagenfurt is connected through railway line from distinct parts of the country and it receives regular services from Graz, Salzburg and from neighboring countries as well.


By Road:

Klagenfurt is connected through highways like A2 and S37 connecting from numerous parts of the country and regular buses operate from major parts of the country along with the neighboring countries as well.


Accommodation in Klagenfurt:

Klagenfurt is centered and suitable to all of the sites and destinations in this busy area and hotels in the city are intended for both business and leisure explorers who want to experience amazing dissimilarity from the ordinary life and rooms are designed according to the soothe and generousness of the tourists. Hotels in Klagenfurt offer facilities like gym, swimming pool, water activities, fishing, fitness facilities, high-speed internet, refrigerator, cable /satellite TV, air conditioned conference room and many other exciting amenities. Some of the hotels in Klagenfurt are as follows:

  • Palais Hotel Landhaushof
  • Lindner Seepark Hotel – Congress & Spa
  • Hotel Schlosswirt Klagenfurt in Ebenthal
  • Carinthia Stadthotel
  • Hotel Arcotel Moser-Verdino
  • Dermuth Seminar- und Urlaubshotel
  • Hotel Palais Porcia
  • Roko Hof Hotel Klagenfurt
  • Hotel Goldener Brunnen Klagenfurt
  • Hotel Schloss Saint Georgen Klagenfurt
  • Pension Zlami-Holzer
  • Alpen Adria Stadthotel
  • Austria Classic Hotel Weidenhof

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