Places to Visit in Mariazell, Styria, Austria, Europe

Places to Visit in Mariazell, Styria, Austria, Europe

Mariazell is a city in Styria State in Austria and prominent for winter sports in the country. Mariazell is located in the valley of the Salza and spans an area of 6.44 square kilometers (2.49 square miles) and located at an elevation of 868 meters (2,848 feet) above the sea level.

Mariazell is renowned for pilgrimage as well visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year and tourism and winter sports plays major role in the economy.

Mariazell is surrounded by Mitterbach am Erlaufsee, Gubwerk, Annaberg, Lackenhof, Kernhof, and Murzsteg and situated at the distance of 160 kilometers from Vienna, capital of Austria. Coordinates of Mariazell are 47.7731° N, 15.3164° E.


History of Mariazell:

Mariazell was occupied by Illyrian and Celtic populaces and in 16 AD Romans were using the roads to pass from the region. Slavs established themselves in the region around 600 and began farming and in the year 1157, Monk Magnus came to the town with a lime tree wood statue of the Virgin Mary and in the year 1344, market was established in the town and from then town became prominent city in the country and hosts winter sports every year.


Don’t miss to see in Mariazell:

Mariazell is one the charming cities to visit in the country surrounded by mountain regions and renowned for its winter sports activities and the church is visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year and believed that miracles will happen in the church. Mariazell is enclosed by forest region and there are few monuments and interesting places to visit in the town.


Weather in Mariazell:

Graz climate is classified under humid continental climate with warm summer and no dry season and average temperature varies from -6° C to 26° C throughout the year and best time to visit Graz is from May to September and winter will be the best time to watch the sports activities in the city.


Reaching Mariazell:

Graz Airport is the nearest airport to Mariazell situated at the distance of 115 kilometers in Graz city caters with domestic and international flights to major cities in the country and to neighboring countries as well. Mariazell is placed on the B 20 highways connecting to major cities in the state and during winter season tourists rush to the city and they provide extra transportation facilities to the tourists during winter season. Mariazell is served by regular train services from different parts of the state.


Accommodation in Mariazell:

Mariazell has some good presumed hotels catering the lodging needs of the tourists visiting the place. The hotels offer all sorts of soothe and warmth towards the tourists who book rooms in such hotels situated in and around Mariazell. Apart from providing decent accommodation, hotels also offer authentic cuisines and delicacies and tourists are advised to book the hotel rooms well in advance during the peak season to avoid last minute rush. Here is the list of hotels in Mariazell namely:

  • Aktivhotel Weisser Hirsch
  • Hotel Schwarzer Adler
  • Hotel Drei Hasen
  • Hotel Haus Franziskus
  • Hotel Zum Kirchenwirt
  • Scherfler’s Hotel Goldenes Kreuz
  • JUFA Sigmundsberg Hotel
  • Hotel Magnus Klause
  • Hotel Grazerhof
  • Goldene Krone
  • Ingrid Surbock
  • Gasthof Zum Jagerwirt
  • Hotel Zum Kirchenwirt
  • Zum Heiligen Brunnen Inn

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