Places to Visit in Rimini, Italy, Europe

Places to Visit in Rimini, Italy, Europe

Rimini is an Italian city under the region of Emilia-Romagna, located 6 meters above sea level about 120 km southeast of the regional capital, Bologna and 400 km north of the national capital, Rome. Rimini is the administrative centre of the Province of Rimini with a 15 km long superb sandy beach and hundreds of hotels and entertainment centers all around.


Geography of Rimini:

Situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea at 44°03′00″ N 12°34′00″ E, Rimini is spread over an area of 134 sq. km.


History of Rimini:

Ariminum was the original name of Rimini, named by the Romans when they founded it originally and the name of Rimini may be derived from the Marecchia River (earlier Ariminus). Prior to the Roman inhabitation, Rimini was inhabited many civilizations including the Etruscans and the Gauls. Rimini was the birth place of the renowned film director, Federico Fellin.


Connectivity to Rimini:

Rimini is served Federico Fellini Airport, located 7 km away from the midpoint of the city, with scheduled flights but receives seasonal flights from Helsinki, Moscow, Stuttgart, Zurich, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and many other major European cities.

Rimini has good connectivity with Ravenna, Bologna and Ancona by both train and regular bus services.

Buses are ideal and cheaper options to get around and also tourists can use taxi or rental cars for more comfort.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Rimini:

Rimini is the hometown of many renowned artists, sportsmen and film directors namely Federico Fellini, Giuliano da Rimini, Matteo Brighi and Elio Pagliarani.

Le Befane is the famous shopping mall in Rimini housing dozens branded products shops, cafes and entertainment centers. The downtown area is ideal place to buy Italian designer brands.

List of the reputed restaurants in Rimini include:

  • Da Guido
  • Lo Squero
  • Il Lurido


Places to see in Rimini:

Beach of Rimini:

A 15 kilometers long sandy beach of Rimini is the first preference of tourists visiting Rimini. It is one of the best beaches in Italy receiving thousands of domestic as well as international tourists from the different regions of the globe.


Federico Fellini Museum:

The Federico Fellini Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Rimini, devoted to great film director, Federico Fellini who was the renowned son of Rimini and received five Oscar awards. This museum is located on the Via Clementini 2 and no entrance fee.


Tempio Malatestiano:

Situated on the Via Quattro novembre in Rimini, the Tempio Malatestiano is a cathedral built in the Renaissance, and Romanesque architecture style, designed by architect Leone Battista Alberti.


List of other places of interest in Rimini includes:

  • Bagno Egisto 38
  • The Tiberius Bridge
  • Borgo San Giuliano
  • Arco d’Augusto
  • Bagno 39 Cigno
  • Basilica Cattedrale
  • Skypark Parco Avventura
  • Piazza Cavour
  • Bagno 81 No Problem
  • Piazza Tre Martiri
  • Bagno Massimo 48
  • Bagno 10 Vatikaki
  • Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie
  • Bagno 14 Michele
  • Castel Sismondo


Best time to visit Rimini:

Due to the presence of the spectacular beaches, the months of summer season will be ideal to trip Rimini.


Accommodation options in Rimini:

Rimini houses around 800 well facilitated accommodation centers welcoming tourists throughout the year with amazing amenities and services. Hostels are ideal for budget travelers charging around €14. Here are the some fine hotels with upgraded facilities in Rimini:

  • Residence Cigno
  • Hotel Stresa
  • Hotel Aurea Rimini
  • Hotel Rivazzurra Rimini
  • Hotel Gioiella
  • Hotel Haarlem
  • Hotel Villa Dina
  • Hotel Plaza
  • Villa del Parco
  • Hotel Graziella
  • Hotel Card International
  • Diplomat Palace Hotel
  • Ferretti Beach Hotel
  • Il Podere del Germano Reale
  • Residence Hotel Le Viole

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