Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kruje, Albania, Europe

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kruje, Albania, Europe

Kruje is a town in Kruje District in north central Albania situated in the middle of Kruje Mountain and Ishem River. Kruje is placed at an altitude of 600 meters (1,969 feet) above the sea level at the foot of Kruje Mount. Kruje is the tourism hub in the country due to its mountainous region and religion plays major role in the town. Kruje is surrounded by Fushe-Kruje, Nikel, Radhesh, Mamurras, Thumane and Dritas and situated at the distance of 20 kilometers from Tirana, the capital of the Albania. Geographical coordinates of Kruje is 41.517°N 19.800°E.


History of Kruje:

Kruje was settled by Illyrian tribe people and artifacts suggest the people of the region had rich lifestyle and since the year 1190, Krjue had been the capital of Albania and later of the region came under the rule of Serbian Empire. Since the year 1478, Ottoman Empire captured Kruje and soon became the battlefield of numerous anti-Ottoman rebellions. Albanian Revolt was started in the year 1912 and later independence was declared in Albania country. After the independence from Ottoman rule, the region came under the rule of Italy until the year 1944.


Tourism in Kruje:

Kruje is known for its historical monuments at the foothills of Kruje Mount is one of the pleasant towns to visit in the country. Kruje has some of the museums and most significant sport in the town is football. Christianity is the main religion followed in the town and numerous churches are located within the town.


Attractions in Kruje:

Kruje Castle:

Kruje Castle is the oldest castle placed in the town once was the headquarters of Skanderbeg Kingdom is one of the main monuments in the country.


Skanderbeg Museum:

Skanderbeg Museum is placed at the distance of 1.5 kilometers from Kruje city is the most renowned museums in the country named in the honor of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, a national hero of Albania and has collection of the 15th century artifacts.


Interesting Places to see in and around Kruje:

  • Old Bazaar
  • Kruja Ethnographic Museum
  • Dollma Bektashi Tekke


Weather in Kruje:

Kruje climate is classified as humid subtropical climate with hot and rainy summer and chilled winter. Summer season is from May to October and winter season is from November to April.


Transportation to Kruje:

By Air:

Tirana International Airport is the nearest airport to Kruje situated at the distance of 22 kilometers in Tirana city handles commercial flights to Albanian Airlines. Flights run to Athens, London, Rimini, Bari, Genoa, Rome, Bologna, Munich, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Vienna among other places is one of the largest airports in the country.


By Road:

Kruje is connected through state highway 38 from Fushe Kruje city and regular buses will operate from Tirana to Kruje at regular intervals. Tourists can explore the town on foot, is the best way to know about the town.


Accommodation in Kruje:

Kruje is located at the foot of the mountains and hotels in Kruje are surrounded by greenery and offers stylish rooms and a large courtyard garden perfect for enjoying and for relaxing and rooms are luxuriously furnished and offer air-conditioning, a minibar, flat-screen TV, 24 hour front desk, air-conditioned, bar/lounge, car hire, concierge service, currency exchange on-site, laundry service and room service. List of prominent hotels in Kruje are listed below:

  • Hotel Vila e Arte
  • Nord Park Kompleks
  • Hotel Panorama
  • Sheraton Tirana Hotel
  • Hotel Iliada
  • Alpin Hotel Tirana
  • Hotel Town House
  • Golden City Hotel
  • The Rooms Hotel
  • Hotel Restaurant Baron
  • Best Western Nov Hotel
  • Boutique Hotel Kotoni
  • Hotel Panorama Kruje

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