Best Tourist Places to Visit in Voskopoje, Korce, Albania, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Voskopoje, Korce, Albania, Europe

Voskopoje is also known as Moscopole is a small municipality in Korce district in the southeastern part of Albania. Voskopoje is a mountainous region in the southeastern part of the country at an elevation of 1160 meters above the sea level and has five villages by name Voskopoje, Shipske, Krushove, Gjonomadh and Lavdar and placed at the distance of 23 kilometers from Korce city.

Voskopoje climate attracts tourists from all over the world and it is the hub to tourism destinations and throughout the year is perfect for all the kinds of sports. Voskopoje is surrounded by Lekas, Gurre Mujas, Voskop, Polene and Goskove e Poshtme and situated at the distance of 185 kilometers from Tirana, Capital of the Albania. Coordinates of Voskopoje is 40.6333° N, 20.5833° E.


History of Voskopoje:

Voskopoje was the remote and isolated region and only a few houses were established in the region, but since the 17th century, it became main financial and cultural hub in the country due to its favorable location and climatic conditions. Livestock farming was the main form of living in the region and the town name means “Coty of Shepherds” and printing press was established during the Ottoman rule in the town.


Tourism in Voskopoje:

Voskopoje is known for its pleasant climate throughout the country is visited by domestic and international tourists from all over the places all through the year. Voskopoje is surrounded by mountainous region and snowfall during the winter season and tourists can come across ancient churches and monuments in the town.


Interesting Places to see in and around Voskopoje:

  • Saint Euthymius Church
  • Saint Paraskevi Church
  • Saint Elijah Church
  • Saint Athanasius Church
  • Saint Nicholas Church
  • Dormition of the Theotokos
  • John the Baptist Monastery
  • Saint Michael Church
  • Saint Charalampus Church


Weather in Voskopoje:

Voskopoje enjoys mild valley climate and climate in the town is pleasant all through the year encouraging the tourists to visit throughout the year.


Transportation to Voskopoje:

Voskopoje is surrounded by mountain regions and only way to reach Voskopoje is through roadway and SH63 highway connects the town from Korce city. Buses and minivans will operate from Korce to Voskopoje town at regular intervals is the best mode of transportation to reach the town. Korce Airport is located at the distance of 22 kilometers from the town handles only domestic flights to travel within the country.

Accommodation in Voskopoje:

Voskopoje is an isolated town in the country situated close to Korce city is one of the best towns to visit in the country surrounded by mountain regions, but few accommodation facilities are available in the town and for the comfort of the tourists, guesthouses are located in the town with all the modern facilities and amenities, cost from $ 10 to $ 100 and above per day. List of hotels in Voskopoje are as follows:

  • Royal Hotel Voskopoje
  • Life Gallery Hotel
  • Hotel Regency
  • Hotel Kocibelli
  • Guest House Bujtina Leon
  • Grand Palace
  • Life Gallery Hotel

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