Places to Visit in Vaeroy, Norway, Europe

Places to Visit in Vaeroy, Norway, Europe

Vaeroy is an island in the Lofoten district, Nordland County in Norway, is one of the main municipalities in Nordland County and the majority of the populace reside in the Sorland area bounded by main port. Vaeroy is enclosed by lush greenery and mountains are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Norway and have many interesting places to visit that delight the travelers.

Vaeroy is surrounded by Rost Island, Moskenesoya, Ramberg, Ballstad, Leknes, and Stamsund and located at the distance of 1,290 kilometers from Oslo, capital of Norway. Vaeroy spans an area of 18.53 square kilometers (7.15 square miles) and coordinates are 67.67306° N 12.66917° E.


History of Vaeroy:

Vaeroy was called as Veoroy and Veor means weather and oy means island and Vaeroy gained reputation of municipality in the year 1838 and in the year 1928, Vaeroy was separated from Rost Island.


Tourist Attractions in Vaeroy:

Old Værøy Church:

Old Værøy Church is located at the distance of 2 kilometers from center of the city is the oldest church in Lofoten district, constructed around 1740 and attributes alabaster figures made in England in the year 1430.

Norwegian Lundehund:

Norwegian Lundehund is also called as Puffin dog is the rarest dog in the world and one of the seven species of dogs in Norway and these dogs were used for the hunt.



Heia is one of the main mountains on the island that provides outstanding view of the island and tracks are made to reach to the top of the mountains and thousands of tourists visit during the summer season to sight the breathtaking views of the region.



Nordlandsnupen Mountain is located at the distance of 6 kilometers from center of the island is the highest mountain and to reach top of the mount tourists have to walk up Breiviksdalen Mountain.



Sanden can be reached through boat and it is a beach with 400 meter (1,300 feet) tall wall rock tower and thousands of tourists gather on the spot throughout the year.


Other Places to Visit in Vaeroy:

  • Mostad
  • Mollbakken
  • Eagle Trapping
  • Sportfishing
  • Lofoten Sjokolade
  • Gjerdeheia


Best time to visit Vaeroy:

Vaeroy is served by cool humid temperate climate with summer season from June to September and winter season from October to April and best time to visit Vaeroy is from June to September.


Connectivity to Vaeroy:

Vaeroy is mountainous island and there are no flight services on the island but helicopter transport is available from Bodo. Ferry is the best way to reach Vaeroy Island and ferries are available from Bodo, Moskenes and Rost. Tourists can get around the island through ferry services, bikes and bicycle.


Accommodation in Vaeroy:

Vaeroy is an island and has limited accommodation facilities and one can find guesthouses, cottages and few hotels on the islands and rooms are designed as per the lavish and cozy of the tourists visiting the island throughout the year. Tourists can book the hotels before visiting the island through tour operators and through online bookings and rooms in Vaeroy cost from $ 50 to $ 400 and above per day. List of hotels in Vaeroy are as follows:

  • Rost Bryggehotell
  • Eliassen Rorbuer
  • Reine Rorbuer
  • Å Rorbuer og Brygga Restaurant

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