Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Narvik, Norway, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Narvik, Norway, Europe

Narvik is situated in the northern part of Norway in Ofoten district in Nordland County. Narvik geographically comprises a total area of 2,022.94 square kilometers (780.06 square miles) and placed on the shores of the Ofotfjorden and from the town one can view the breathtaking views of sea and mountains. Narvik region is dominated by mountain regions and the highest peak is 1,894 meters (6,214 feet) above the sea level and Narvik is one of the popular regions among the neighboring municipalities due to this commercial center, Narvik University College and some high tech businesses.

Narvik is bounded by Ballangen, Evenes, Bardu, Gratangen, Norrbotten, Beisfjord and Vidrek and Oslo, capital of Norway is located at the distance of 1,400 kilometers from Narvik. Coordinates of Narvik are 68.4206° N, 17.5600° E.


History of Narvik:

As per the records, it is believed that Narvik was settled from Stone Age but Vikings established the colonies in the region. Narvik was the small village until the establishment of Railway line and this railway line was established by Swedish company for mining and Iron Ore extraction was one of the main businesses during that era and at present LKAB Mining Corporation still exports mine from Narvik town. During the Second World War, the Narvik town became the focal point of the Norwegian Campaign.


Must See in Narvik:

Ankenes Church:

Ankenes Church is placed at the distance of around 7 kilometers from heart of the city on top of the mount and the part of Ankenes parish and wooden church was constructed in the year 1842 is one of the oldest churches in the Narvik town and visited by number of devotes and tourists throughout the year.


Narvik Church:

Narvik Church is situated in the middle of the town is the main parish church constructed in the year 1925 by the Olaf Nordhagen architect and the church is known for its architectural design and seats around 700 people.


The Ofoten Museum:

The Ofoten Museum is situated less than kilometers from center of the town close to the old NSB railway administration building and the museum dates back to 1902 and exhibits the local cultural history.


Other Places to Visit in Narvik:

  • War Memorial Museum
  • Håkvik Chapel
  • Bjerkvik Church
  • Bjørnfjell Chapel
  • Hergot Chapel
  • Skjomen Church

Best time to visit Narvik:

Narvik is situated in the northern part of Norway and is served by humid subarctic continental climate with cool summers and no dry season and summer seasons is from June to September and cold season is from November to March and best time to visit Narvik is from June to September.


Commuting Facility at Narvik:

By Air:

Narvik is served by Narvik Airport positioned at the distance of around 3 kilometers in Framnes and the airport handles only domestic flights to Burgas, Oslo, Andenes, Bodo, Tromso, Dubrovnik, Bergen, Gran Canaria and Trondheim.


By Road:

Narvik is located in the remote local but has good road connectivity from other parts of the country and the town receives regular bus services and car is the best way get into the town.


By Train:

Narvik is linked through railway line and has regular train services from Oslo, Bergen and other main cities in the country.


Accommodation in Narvik:

Narvik is one of the breathtaking location to visit in Norway surrounded by mountain valleys and sea and the town offers cozy accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the town during the summer season and tourists are advised to book the hotel rooms prior visiting the town to avoid last minute rush. List of some prominent hotels in Narvik are as follows:

  • Quality Hotel Grand Royal
  • Best Western Narvik Hotell
  • Narvik Hotel
  • Bjerkvik Hotell
  • Evenes Fjordhotel
  • Rica Hotel Narvik
  • Breidablikk Guesthouse
  • Bogen Hostel
  • Norumgården
  • Nordstjernen Hotel

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