Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Norway, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Norway, Europe

Norway formally called as Republic of Norway, covers total area of 385,178 square kilometers (148,718 square miles) and divided into seven regions namely East Norway, Middle Norway, Northern Norway, South Norway, West Norway, Svalbard and Han Mayen and Oslo is the capital and the largest city of the Norway. Norway is surrounded by mountain regions and lush greenery and during winter snowfall is common and temperature falls below minus degree Celsius.

Norway shares the border with Sweden, Finland and Denmark and coordinates are 61.0000° N, 8.0000° E. Economy of the country depends on petroleum, shipbuilding, farming, tourism, retail and commerce and industries.


Food and culture of Norway:

Cuisines of Norway are traditionally based on the raw materials readily available to eat and some of the renowned cuisines of Norway are Fenalår, Pinnekjøtt, Multekrem, Smalahove, Lutefisk, Rømmegrøt, Kjøttkaker, Gravlaks, Freia Melkesjokolade, Aquavit and Solo. Norwegian is the widely spoken language in the country followed by Sami and Kven and foreign languages are English, German and French. Culture of the Norway is related to the history and geography of the country and music and arts are the integral part of the country.


Must See Attractions in Norway:

Baerums Verk:

Baerums Verk is a small village located around 25 kilometers from Oslo city attracts thousands of visitors due to its charm and village is surrounded by shops, handicraft, workshops, art galleries and restaurants.


Narvik Church:

Narvik Church is situated in Narvik town is the main parish church constructed in the year 1925 by the Olaf Nordhagen architect and the church is known for its architectural design and seats around 700 people.


Sarpsfossen Waterfall:

Sarpsfossen Waterfall is placed at the distance of 7 kilometers from Sarpsborg city and the waterfall measures 23 meters above the sea level and there are three hydro electric power stations in the waterfall.


Bergen Cathedral:

Bergen Cathedral is placed at the distance of 2 kilometers from Bergen city first came to existence in the year 1181, during the rule of king Haakon IV of Norway. Bergen Cathedral is one of the most popular churches in Norway.


Other Places to Visit in Norway:

  • Bergen Cathedral
  • Bragernes Torg
  • Halbrendsfossen
  • Kongsten Fort
  • Hornindalsvatnet Lake
  • Jotunheimen National Park
  • Kvernes Stave Church
  • Atlantic Sea-Park
  • Hafslund Manor
  • The Ofoten Museum
  • Nobel Peace Center
  • Old Værøy Church


Best time to visit Norway:

Norway has warm summer from June to September and cool winter season from October to April and best time to visit Norway is from June to September.


Connectivity to Norway:

Norway has total 97 airports of which 52 are public and 46 are operated by the state owned avinor and there are seven major airports in the country that handles domestic and international flights to all the major destinations in Europe and America among which Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is the gateway to Norway. Sea route is extensively used by populaces of the region and receives cruise ships from Belgium, Germany, England and Denmark countries. Oslo railway station receives international trains from Sweden, and other cities in the country operate train services to and from various parts of the Europe.


Accommodation in Norway:

Tourists visiting Norway can find both traditional and contemporary accommodation facilities that delight the tourists to take accommodation facilities in such kind of hotels and hotel rooms are designed as the per the comfort and lavish of the tourists and online booking facilities are available to the tourists and tour operators are also available at the major hotels. List of some prominent hotels in Norway are as follows:

  • Eliassen Rorbuer
  • Quality Hotel & Resort Sarpsborg
  • Hotel Continental Oslo
  • Best Western Narvik Hotell
  • Rica Hotel Kristiansund
  • Fossheim Hotel Lom
  • Best Western Raftevolds Hotel
  • Hankø Fjordhotel & Spa
  • Efinor Apartments Førde
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Tollboden
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen
  • Hofslund Fjord Hotel

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