Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Lviv, Ukraine, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Lviv, Ukraine, Europe

Lviv is a tourist favor city located in western Ukraine, around 540 km west of the national capital, Kiev. It is one of the cultural centres of Ukraine with historic city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a theatre called the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet and famous university, the Lviv University.


Geography of Lviv:

Lviv coordinates with 49°51′0″ N latitude and 24°01′0″ E longitude and sprawls over an area of 182.01 sq. km. Lviv is located at an election of 296 meters.


History of Lviv:

Lviv holds a strong historical background as it served as the capital of many powerful empires in its glorious history. Lviv existed even in the 5th century according to the archeological findings and was called by different names like Lemberg, Lemberik, L’vov and Leopolis in different languages.


Connectivity to Lviv:

There is an international airport in Lviv, operating flights from and to Vienna, Warsaw, Munich, Istanbul, Baku, Moscow, Dortmund, Athens and other global destinations. The airport is situated around 6 km away from the downtown Lviv.

Due to its geographical position near the border of Poland, Lviv is connected to polish cities apart from Ukrainian cities, by both bus and train services.

Local transportation of Lviv is served by buses, minibuses, trams, trolley buses and taxis. Bus tickets are gettable when travelling in buses.


Culture and Food in Lviv:

Lviv houses around 60 museums, around 100 annual festival celebrations, 10 theaters and the Lviv University, making it one of the major cultural centres of Ukraine.

The prime shopping options in Lviv include:

  • Opera Passage
  • Crimea Wines
  • “Kolektsiya” Jewellery Boutique
  • King Cross Leopolis

Some famous food corners in Lviv include:

  • Cafe BestOf
  • Tex-Mex BBQ
  • Valentino Restaurant
  • Lvivski Pljacky


Things to do in Lviv:

  • Kumpel Tour
  • Active Ukraine Day Tours
  • Lviv Castles Cycling Tour
  • Lviv Free Walking Tour

Places to see in Lviv:

Lviv National Museum:

Being one of the largest museums in Ukraine, the Lviv National Museum was founded in the year 1905 by Archbishop Andrey Sheptytsky. It is concentrated on the culture of Ukraine.


Bohdan Khmelnytsky Culture and Recreation Park,:

The Bohdan Khmelnytsky Culture and Recreation Park is a tourist favor park featuring a stadium, concert hall, many restaurants and many other attractions and facilities. Its landscape is eye-catching.


Armenian Cathedral of Lviv:

Originally built between 1363 and 1370, the Armenian Cathedral of Lviv is situated in the old town of the city serving as cathedral of the Eparchy of Ukraine of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Its colorful interior is great treat for visitors’ eyes.


List of other places of interest in Lviv includes:

  • Market Square
  • Black House
  • The St. Peter and Paul Church of the Jesuit Order
  • Korniakt Palace
  • The complex of the Dormition Church
  • Lychakivskyi Park
  • Zalizni Vody Park
  • Stryiskyi Park
  • George’s Cathedral of the Greek-Catholic Church
  • Chapel of the Boim family
  • High Castle Park
  • Lviv High Castle
  • Potocki Palace
  • Shevchenkivskyi Hay
  • Lychakivskiy Cemetery
  • Znesinnya Park
  • Ivan Franko Park


Best time to visit Lviv:

Lviv experiences a humid continental climate with mild summers and cold winters and receives an average annual rainfall of 745 millimeters. The ideal time to trip Lviv is from May to September.


Where to stay in Lviv?

Lviv houses loads of accommodation centres, around 200, with different facilities and service, providing utmost comfort for guests and some of the reputed hotels in Lviv are listed below:

  • LH Hotel & SPA
  • Kopa Hotel
  • Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort
  • Hotel Nota Bene
  • Vintage Boutique Hotel
  • Dnister Hotel
  • Grand Hotel
  • Eney Hotel
  • Navariya Nova
  • Hotel LeoCity Chornovola
  • Lion’s Castle Hotel
  • Hotel Galaktika
  • Rynok Apartament
  • Hotel Helikon
  • Drevny Grad Hotel
  • On The Square Guesthouse
  • Reikartz Dworzec Lviv Hotel

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