Places to Visit in Balestrand, Norway, Europe

Places to Visit in Balestrand, Norway, Europe

Balestrand village is placed in the Sogn district in the County of Sogn og Fjordane in Norway covering a total area of 429.84 square kilometers (165.96 square miles). Balestrand is one of the main municipalities in Sogn district located between Sognefjord and Esefjorden and the economy of the village depends on farming and tourism industries.

Balestrand village is renowned for artists and paintings of some of popular artists from the village are well-known all over the country and traditional industries in the village are kitchen interiors, local apple juice and industrial plastic.

Balestrand is bounded by Forde, Leikanger, Hoyanger, Vadheim, Sogndal, Ardal, Kaupanger and Gaupne and Oslo, capital of Norway is placed at the distance of 380 kilometers from Balestrand. Coordinates of Balestrand are 61.1775° N, 6.4039° E.


History of Balestrand:

Balestrand was a small village and was declared as municipality in the year 1849 and trade and farming was the main form of living in the region.


Must see in Balestrand:

Sognefjord Aquarium:

Sognefjord Aquarium is positioned at the distance of 3 kilometers from center of the town and the museum showcases the mysterious marine fishes from the world’s deepest fjord and exhibition consists of various small and large aquaria.


St Olavs Church:

St Olavs Church is placed in the middle of the town was constructed in a stave church style and the construction was completed in the year 1897. St Olavs Church was constructed in the memory of Margaret Sophie Green Kvikne and visited by number of devotees throughout the year.


Kvikne’s Hotel:

Kvikne’s Hotel is one of the main attractions located around 3 kilometers from centre of the town in Kviknevegen and the building was constructed in the 19th century is one of the renowned buildings in the village.


Other Places to Visit in Balestrand:

  • Viking Age burial mounds
  • Jostedal Glacier
  • Sognefjord
  • Balestrand Art Village


Best time to visit Balestrand:

Balestrand is served by polar tundra climate and most of the lands in the region are covered by forest and snow and average temperature ranges from -5°C to 17°C and best time to visit Balestrand is from June to September.

Reaching Balestrand:

By Air:

Balestrand is surrounded by mountains and forest region due to this there is no airport in the region and Sogndal Airport is the nearest airport to Balestrand is situated at the distance of 64 kilometers in Kaupanger town and has direct flight connectivity to Bergen-Flesland, Førde, Oslo-Gardermoen, Sandane, Ørsta-Volda.


By Road:

Balestrand is connected through national highway 13 and tourists can board buses from main cities in Norway to reach Balestrand and tourists can get around the town through boat and local transportation.


By Boat:

Best way to reach Balestrand is through ferries and ferries will operate from Vangsnes, Leikanger, and Kaupanger town at regular interval.


Accommodation in Balestrand:

Balestrand is surrounded by mountains, forest and snow that makes the village a pleasant place to visit during the summer seasons and there are few accommodation facilities in the town that offers some of the best lodging services to the travelers visiting the village and rooms are for all the kind of tourists ranging from budget to sumptuous and rooms are designed as per the chic and cozy of the tourists. List of few renowned hotels in Balestrand are as follows:

  • Sognefjord Guesthotel
  • Vesterland Feriepark
  • Kviknes Hotel
  • Dragsvik Fjordhotel
  • Leikanger Fjord Hotel
  • Sognefjord Hotel
  • Quality Hotel Sogndal
  • Norlandia Park
  • Hofslund Fjord Hotel
  • Best Western Laegreid Hotell
  • Balestrand Hotel
  • Dragsvik Fjordhytter
  • Midtnes Hotel

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